Apple Enforces Strict New Rules for App Developers

App Store Ios 11 Iphone Credit: Subsplash
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Apple’s Developer Program is a great opportunity for companies and individual designers to get their applications in front of millions of iOS users. However, Apple often announces new rules to ensure that developers don’t abuse the scheme and to allow the smooth rollout of apps.

Now, according to reports, the company has unveiled several new measures to ensure that developers use the “What’s New in This Version” section in the App Store appropriately.

In this area of the store, developers can inform users of the changes that they’ve made to their apps. But from next month, they’ll only be able to edit to this text if they actually intend to release updates.

Currently, developers are able to amend the “What’s New” description of apps however they see fit, although Apple’s new guidelines mean that changes will have to go through a review process.

Apple’s App Store review will also cover app support and marketing URLs. The idea here is to make sure that information is actually beneficial to the user and that developers don’t just use the section to promote themselves.

Writing on iTunes Connect, the firm explained: “Starting in April, you’ll only be able to edit your app’s support URL, marketing URL, and What’s New in This Version text when submitting a new version of your app.”

These aren’t exactly massive changes to program, though it’s clear that the company is trying to clamp down on the way that developers promote their apps and communicate with iOS users through the App Store.


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