Apple Drastically Raises Prices of MacBook Pro Computers and More in the UK

Apple Drastically Raises Prices of MacBook Pro Computers and More in the UK
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In the wake of announcing the company’s MacBook Pro lineup refresh, Apple has apparently bumped up the prices on its older model computers in the UK. Cupertino unveiled its new MacBook Pro lineup on Thursday, and prices for the new computers in the United Kingdom were similar to the US, but Apple has also raised the prices on its older models by hundreds of pounds in UK currency — even beyond price increases in the US, Business Insider reported

For example, the new entry-level, 13-inch MacBook Pro without a Touch Bar now starts at £1,449, which is equivalent to $1,760 US dollars. The previous 13-inch MacBook Pro model used to start at £999. But after yesterday’s unveiling, it got its own price bump to £1,249 — around $1,520. It’s the exact same device with no new internals or upgrades, it’s just more expensive now.

Apple isn’t exactly to blame for the price bump. The UK’s recent decision to leave the European Union — a move referred to as “Brexit” — has caused the British pound to plummet in value. The Verge points out that the new UK prices seem to be the result of converting dollars to pounds and adding in the UK’s 20 percent consumption tax known as the VAT.

“Apple has to recalibrate prices after significant currency fluctuations, and since (Brexit), UK prices are out of sync with the dollar,” Verdict Retail Analyst Patrick O’Brien told the BBC.

Apple isn’t the only company increasing prices in the UK. Microsoft has also announced UK price bumps for some of its services. Earlier this month, the US tech giant said that prices would go up by as much as 22 percent due to the pound’s weakening value against the euro, the EU’s currency.

MacBook Pro prices are getting higher everywhere in the world, but the UK seems to be getting the brunt of the increases. And the fluctuations aren’t just affecting MacBook Pro prices, either. According to the Verge, the Mac mini, the iMac 4K, the iMac 5K, and even the older Mac Pro are all seeing similar price bumps in the UK.

O’Brien also told the BBC that, due to increased costs of importing goods, retailers are struggling. He added that prices are likely to rise even further in the UK, and advised consumers that now is a better time to buy an expensive item than later.

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