Apple Confirms Pride Band Sales Support LGBTQ Advocacy

Apple Confirms Pride Band Sales Support LGBTQ Advocacy

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Apple confirmed this week that a portion of the profits from its Pride Edition Woven Nylon Apple Watch band will go toward supporting LGBTQ advocacy organizations across the globe.

The Pride Edition band originally went up on Apple’s website early in June, though for the first few weeks Apple made no mention that the band would support LGBTQ organizations. The change was apparently made yesterday and was first spotted by a Reddit user Wednesday, who noted that the Overview section of the Product Information had been updated. “Apple is proud to support LGBTQ advocacy organizations working to bring about positive change,” the new section reads. “A portion of the proceeds from Pride Edition band sales will benefit their important efforts.”

Some of those organizations include U.S.-based advocacy groups such as the Human Rights Campaign, GLSEN, PFLAG and the Trevor Project. Internationally, the proceeds will also support ILGA — a federation of more than 1,200 organizations from 132 countries. The company hasn’t elaborated on how donations to these organizations will be divided up, however.

Thus far, the only other donation-based campaign that Apple has run is its long-standing partnership with (PRODUCT)RED, an organization that raises awareness for and fights AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Earlier this year, Apple released its first (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7, marking the first time the company has donated proceeds from one of its flagship smartphones.

Apple has long been an ardent supporter of LGBTQ and human rights. In March, the company lent its support to a transgender student’s fight against his own school district. And earlier this year, the company spoke out against a Trump Administration decision to rescind protections for transgender students. And in 2015, CEO Tim Cook wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post, vocalizing his opposition to laws that would allow discrimination against LGBTQ individuals on the basis of “religious freedom.”

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