Apple CEO Reveals More Apple Watch Features

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In his international tour that has taken him to Israel, Germany, and the UK thus far, Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed some interesting features of the Apple Watch, and how it will function in everyday life. Last week, we published an article that featured statements by Cook concerning the water-resistance of the watch – he reportedly told employees at a flagship store in Berlin that he wears his Apple Watch everywhere – even in the shower. Well, other comments he made during that same trip point to some interesting third-party apps and features we may see on the watch.

Last September, during the first Apple Watch event, Starwood hotels had already announced that it would be creating an app for the wearable. During that same trip to Germany, Cook made some comments that reveal exactly how those apps will integrate with the hotel experience. For example, Cook detailed how the watch will function as a room key, allowing you to unlock your hotel room door using the wearable. He also pointed out that the watch may be able to replace the entire check-in process, making the entire experience more efficient and convenient for the user.

Cook highlighted some other third-party apps, as well, specifically mentioning Apple Pay supporter Panera Bread and cloud computing company Salesforce. He also expressed excitement about how the range of fitness and health related apps are turning out, and noted the potential for such apps on the wearable.

Lastly, Cook mentioned that the Watch debut in April will not be exclusive to the US. The watch will be made available to US consumers early next month, but will also debut in other markets shortly thereafter. Although specifically stating that the watch will be available in Germany this coming April, the watch is expected to debut in Australia, the UK, France, and Japan in April as well.

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