Apple Arcade: Try Our 7 Favorite New Games to Play This Week!

Best New Apple Arcade Games to Try 2021
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Apple gaming is looking better than ever these days, and now the company has made a few updates for Apple Arcade, including creating two more categories.

The Arcade will now have Timeless Classics, which are remade versions of beloved gaming classics (often from actual arcades), and App Store Greats, which are famous app classics making their debut in Arcade form (think Fruit Ninja, etc.).

Along with these changes, Apple released a new slate of genuinely great games, making it a better time than ever to try out the service.

As usual, no in-app purchases are present, and these titles are really leaning into unique visual styles and multi-platform compatibility.

Continue reading to browse our latest favorites we recommend giving a try! 



From the original creator of Final Fantasy, this charming JRPG has a familiar aesthetic…and mind-blowingly beautiful design that makes it look like you’re staring into a diorama rather than a screen.

The world is fun to explore, and the story, while unsurprising, will delight fans of the Final Fantasy series and similar JRPGs (no spoilers).

It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for something a little more casual than today’s console JRPGs, something that will give you the same feeling but take less time and few confusing mechanics/story details to remember.

It’s also a welcome return to turn-based combat and a few fresh aiming options (think Child of Light) to keep things interesting.

Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker


As the name implies, this innovative entry from Aquiris gives you a whole toolbox to help create your own worlds of adventures and allow online teams to join and explore them, solving the puzzles you created while enjoying your customized landscapes or story. That adds an incredible amount of depth if you want to tinker or provide fun experiences for others.

If that kind of toolbox doesn’t interest you, don’t worry: There’s a full player experience to enjoy here, too, with each level encouraging exploration, discovery, and puzzles, along with some basic sword-swinging and item usage.

Along the way, you will customize your hero and choose how to behave when interacting with NPCs, so there’s some roleplaying to enjoy here too.

Fighting enemies and solving puzzles is even more fun with a group, so we highly suggest going the multiplayer route whenever possible.

NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition

NBA2K Apple Arcade

If you’re a fan of the NBA 2K games, you may have noticed the problem plaguing sports games these days: Every new season demands a new game to go along with it, but with relatively few features or benefits that make buying a new game worth it. If you’re tired of that FOMO cycle, this is an alternative: It’s the same 2K21 game featuring all the popular players like Durant, Curry, Lillard, etc., but in a more affordable Arcade package that makes it less costly to keep up with the NBA games.

Features like competitive mode, multiplayer games with up to two friends, and career mode are all included here, giving newcomers plenty of options. If you like keeping up with sports games but hate buying a new game every year, you may love this alternative instead.

Star Trek: Legends

star trek legends

Fans of both Star Trek and RPGs will love this complete combination of the two! The game is a traditional turn-based RPG, but with all the famous characters from Star Trek (well, more than 40 of them at least), allowing you to form your favorite teams and go on a wide variety of missions, participate in events, and even play some PVP.

Keep in mind; this is more for RPG fans than those who play the tactical Star Trek games. The game pays very little attention to any sort of Trek continuity and focuses more on combat than exploration, which isn’t exactly in the spirit of the franchise. However, it remains a ton of fun to create team-ups and see what everyone’s special abilities are (the Vulcan nerve pinch is, of course, present) – just don’t expect a ton of depth.

Simon’s Cat: Story Time

Simons Story

Based on the animated series, this is a perfect fit for young kids who need an age-appropriate game to play. Activities include match-3 puzzles along with a variety of tasks to help improve the neighborhood and help the community, along with some currency for basic upgrades and moving to the next chapter of the story. The animation is very well done and respectful of the Simon’s Cat franchise, so it will be an instant win if your children are already fans! Just don’t expect older kids to get very much out of it.

World of Demons

world of demons

Now for something very different: From the makers of NieR: Automata and Bayonetta, this new game takes place in a fantasy version of Japan (always a good start) with special combat abilities (even better), and a team of allies you can partner with for combos and unique techniques (tons of fun).

As you roam the land and slay demons, you’ll quickly fall in love with the gorgeous art style, where everything from sprays of blood to falling water looks beautiful, created with both detail and homage to traditional Japanese styles. The only downside is that the game doesn’t have much replayability once you’ve beaten the story, but that’s a small price to pay!

Chameleon Run

Chameleon Run1

Chameleon Run isn’t exactly a new game, but this is the first time it’s appeared on Apple Arcade, and the experience is well worth it!

The game is an “autorunner” or a platform game where you are always racing forward in competition with other players or AI, a bit like Fall Guys. But, what makes this game unique is that each racer is has a difficult color, and the racers must leap to platforms and lanes that match their own color to proceed successfully. This leads to a lot of challenges and shenanigans, especially when combined with various jumping abilities.

If you want a fun racing game to play with friends, definitely pick this one up!

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