Apple Arcade Shows No Signs of Slowing Down as Five More New Games Arrive

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Although Apple Arcade launched to much fanfare and rave reviews last month, Apple hasn’t quite yet reached its promise of delivering over 100 games on the fledgling gaming subscription service, but with new titles being added every week, it’s rapidly closing the gap, and shows no signs of slowing down afterward.

Almost all of the games on Apple Arcade are brilliantly and thoughtfully designed, however many offer relatively short playthroughs, so it’s encouraging to see Apple still releasing a steady stream of titles to keep users engaged, and we’re definitely hoping this continues.

This week, Apple has added five more interesting games to the subscription service for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV users, three of which are also now available for Apple Arcade on the Mac as well. This brings the total number of games available for iOS and tvOS to 89, while the macOS offerings still lag a little bit behind at 81 titles, although today also saw the expansion of two more existing games to the Mac as well —LEGO Brawls and ChuChu Rocket, which debuted last month for iOS users.

As is typical with new Apple Arcade releases, most of the game studios have also published trailers promoting their new titles, which may help you decide whether they’re worth downloading, but since they’re all included in the price of your Apple Arcade subscription, you may prefer to just install them and give them a whirl for yourself.

Fallen Knight

Coming from Fairplay Studios, Fallen Knight is a classic side-scrolling platform game that as the name implies focuses on sword-fighting combat as you leap around the playing field as Lancelot of the Round Table who is vaulted into the future and has to save the city from a terrorist organization.

Lifelike: Chapter One

This hypnotic and surreal game from Kunabi Brother lets you chill out and get lost in a world of beautiful and strange creatures, playfully interacting with them. It’s a dreamy sort of adventure that we’re not sure even has an ultimate goal other than to just help you relax after a long day or work — or even just a long session of more hardcore gaming.

Tales Of Memo

Tendays Studio brings this more esoteric puzzler to Apple Arcade, which casts you into the role of Memo the fox as he journeys through a frozen wasteland solving old-school memory card game style puzzles in order to defeat your enemies and save your home.


This action role-playing game by Versus Evil has a sort of folksy feel and a darkly funny edge to it, putting you into the role of Ivan, an unlucky one-handed blacksmith who has to take on the murderous legends of Slavic mythology. It’s also backed by a pretty cool Romanian hip-hop soundtrack.


Apple Arcade Hogwash

This barnyard game from Bossa Studios lets you choose your side in a man-vs-beast struggle as either the farmhand trying to keep your farm running smoothly, or the pigs who are trying to turn it into a mud-lovers paradise.

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