Apple Adds 4 More High-Profile TV Executives to Its Video Team

Apple Adds 4 More High-Profile TV Executives to Its Video Team
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Amid an avalanche of reports that Apple is on the cusp of making big moves in the TV and video content space, a fresh report published by Variety earlier this week alleges that in addition to its myriad of high-profile hirings earlier this year, the tech-giant has snatched up yet another trio of Sony Pictures Television executives, as well as the former head of publicity for WGN America, in an attempt to even further solidify  the company’s original video content aspirations.

First up we have Kim Rozenfeld, who was formerly the “head of current programming” at Sony Pictures Television. Rozenfeld will reportedly be joining Apple’s video team under the guise of “lead executive on documentary series development,” according to the report, which suggests that Apple might be looking into developing documentary films in some capacity. Interestingly, Rozenfeld will be joining the same team that’s being headed by her former bosses — Sony Pictures co-Presidents, Zack Van Amburg and Jamie Erlicht, who Apple hired earlier this year to essentially pioneer its new video content development unit.

Similarly, two other former Sony Pictures TV executives, Max Aronson and Ali Woodruff, will be joining Apple’s video team as co-executive developers of original content. Prior to his role at Apple, Aronson had served as Sony Pictures’ VP of drama development, while Woodruff served as the company’s “director of creative affairs,” according to the report.

Last but not least, Apple has scooped up yet another TV executive from WGN America: the network’s former head of publicity, Rita Cooper Lee, who will be joining Apple’s video unit as a ‘lead communications director’, reporting to the iPhone-maker’s Public Relations and Communications chief, Tom Neumayr.

Apple has been on a lightning streak lately, hiring big names in the television and digital content industries, while courting big Hollywood executives in hopes of getting its video endeavors off the ground. At the most, these developments hint that the tech-giant is indeed serious about getting its content projects going — and that it’s not abashed to invest substantial amounts of capital if it helps get the wheels turning, either. It’ll certainly be interesting to see what all these TV executives bring to the table, and fortunately we should now more by the end of the year.

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