Apple Accidentally Reveals New Audio Meditations for Apple Watch

Apple Fitness Plus Audio Meditations Credit: 9to5Mac
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Although it doesn’t happen very often, even trillion-dollar companies make mistakes every now and then. And that includes Apple.

Apple accidentally leaked a new feature that’s coming to the Apple Watch. This leak tells us that Apple Fitness+ Audio Meditations are in the works, although as of right now, we don’t know when Apple will officially announce the feature.

Apple Fitness+ Audio Meditations Are Coming to the Apple Watch

During this year’s WWDC, Apple hosted a Platforms State of the Union video which showcased Apple devices with their brand new software updates. That image showed watchOS 8 with Audio Meditations, a feature that hasn’t been officially revealed.

Since then, Apple’s reuploaded a different video that doesn’t show this new feature on the Apple Watch.

What Do We Know About Audio Meditations?

Sadly, other than the images, we don’t have much more information about this new feature. Audio Meditations seems to be a feature exclusive for Apple Fitness+ subscribers, similar to how Time to Walk works.

Other than that, we can only guess that this feature will work similarly to Time to Walk, where you’ll listen to guided meditation exercises. If it works exactly like Time to Walk, it’s possible that Apple will feature famous and influential people to guide your meditation training.

We also know that this feature will be part of the Mindfulness app, previously known as the Breathe app. Based on this, it’s possible that Audio Meditations will work like Breathe, which notifies you every so often to encourage you to take a moment to relax.

As of right now, Apple Fitness+ Audio Meditations isn’t part of watchOS 8, but it’s possible that we’ll see this feature when the full software update is available to the public.

This isn’t the first time Apple made a mistake and accidentally leaked information about new products and features. The most recent mistake was just last year when the company revealed that AirTags did exist in an Apple support video.

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