Annoying iMessage Bug Still Affects macOS High Sierra Users

iMessage on Mac Credit: Apple
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An increasing number of macOS High Sierra users are detailing their experience being affected by a nasty bug, which was discovered in latest software build several weeks ago.

According to multiple accounts, the bug has allegedly resulted in both the significant delay of iMessage/SMS receipts, as well as a lack of incoming message notifications for users across their other iCloud-connected devices.

The issue has since gained an overwhelming amount of response from consumers who’ve faced similar experiences. Essentially, what appears to be happening, is that after updating to the latest version of macOS High Sierra, some users are no longer receiving iMessage or SMS messages via the Message application on their Macs.

Moreover, while actively using their Mac, some have reported that notifications on their other Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch are silenced.

In other words, those affected by the bug might not receive iMessage or SMS notifications at all, or for hours or days after the message initially hits their inbox.

iMessage Bug Temporary Fix

The bug, which was first highlighted in a report by AppleInsider, appears to affect only macOS users who’ve upgraded to version 10.13 High Sierra — and while Apple has yet to publicly offer a solution for it, some of the company’s official Support Forum users have reported that executing the following action provided a momentary fix.

First, try sending a Message from your Mac — and if it’s not received on the other end, try disabling and re-enabling Messages on your Mac.

  1. Open Messages.
  2. From the macOS navigation bar select Messages > Preferences.
  3. Select your iMessage account.
  4. Then un-check to disable the Enable This Account option.
  5. Check the box again to re-enable, and then re-launch Messages.

Though sometimes successful, most users report that doing this fixes the problem only momentarily. Alternatively, affected users can disable Messages on their Mac altogether and just try to live without it, or, more invasively, roll their system back to macOS Sierra.

While both of these options are obviously extreme, until Apple provides an update to macOS High Sierra with a fix, this is unfortunately what we’re working with. Luckily, a community bug report of the issue has been created, so perhaps that’ll nudge Apple to get working on a fix.

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