AirPods Will Be Available for Purchase at Apple Retail Stores Dec. 19

AirPods Will Be Available for Purchase at Apple Retail Stores Dec. 19
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Starting Monday, Dec. 19, you’ll finally be able to nab a pair of Apple AirPods from the company’s retail stores, as well as from authorized resellers and carrier stores.

Even if you missed ordering AirPods during its quiet release on Tuesday, you’ll still have an opportunity to buy them before the holidays. Not only will AirPods be available from brick-and-mortar Apple outlets starting Monday, but carrier stores and Apple resellers are also expected to receive stock, an Apple retail source told MacRumors.

And the in-store stocks might be your last shot at purchasing AirPods until after the holiday is over. Apple’s new wireless headphones reportedly sold out online within minutes, probably due to the high demand and low quantities available, according to Forbes. Within an hour and a half, the shipping date moved back four weeks — and customers ordering now will have to wait six weeks to get their wireless headphones, MacRumors reported.

It’s currently unknown how much stock Apple retail, carrier and Apple reseller stores will be receiving, but in all likelihood, it’s probably still a limited amount. So if you want AirPods, you should move quickly. If you are lucky enough to buy them, however, you’ll likely be getting your hands on Apple’s new earphones before online customers — as their expected shipping date is Dec. 22.

AirPods were originally scheduled to launch in October, but were delayed — possibly for audio synchronization and battery-related issues. During the delay, there was no shortage of speculation as to when AirPods would release — and whether Apple would be able to get them out before the holidays were over. It seems that at least some of those rumors, such as an alleged email from Apple CEO Tim Cook, turned out to be right.

But while AirPods will reach consumers just in time for the holidays, Apple’s other wireless earbuds — BeatsX — have been delayed until February.

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