Abode Officially Adds Apple HomeKit Support to Its Smart Security Kit

Abode Security Credit: Abode
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Smart home security company Abode has officially added HomeKit support to its Smart Security Kit, the company announced on Monday.

Abode (not to be confused with Photoshop-maker Adobe) first introduced HomeKit support to its Iota self-installed security system last year. Now, the company’s Smart Security Kit is compatible with HomeKit, which means that users can remotely control the product via the Home app and Siri.

The Smart Security Kit is a system that integrates a key fob, a motion sensor and a window and door sensor with a security gateway. That gateway is compatible with Zigbee, AbodeRF and Z-Wave Plus devices, allowing for easy user expansion of security systems.

If you already own a Smart Security Kit, you’ll be able to take advantage of the new HomeKit support today, Feb. 10, after the planned firmware update goes live.

As mentioned, users will be able to arm or disarm their security systems, receive motion notifications, and manage events triggered by window or door sensors — all from their iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch or HomePod.

Users can also control the gateway remotely through the Home app on iOS, iPadOS and macOS. The system can also be controlled via Siri voice commands on a wider range of devices, including Apple Watch and HomePod.

The tight integration with HomeKit, as well as Apple’s general privacy and security practices, make both Abode devices excellent choices for Apple users.

Both Iota and the Smart Security Kit are similar but have a couple of key differences. Iota is Wi-Fi compatible and comes with a built-in camera, while the Smart Security Kit relies on an Ethernet connection and doesn’t have a built-in camera.

The basic version of the Smart Security Kit retails for $199 on Amazon, while Iota starts at $229.

You can also find both devices over at Abode’s website. (The company notes that first-generation Smart Security Kit gateways are still in the HomeKit certification process.)

Abode also says that it’ll bring HomeKit compatibility to even more devices in the future, but it isn’t the only company to promise to support Apple’s systems. While there are some notable holdouts, such as Ring, other popular OEMs like SimpliSafe have also announced future HomeKit compatibility.

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