9.7-Inch iPad Pro vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – Can the New iPad Kill the PC?

9.7-Inch iPad Pro vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – Can the New iPad Truly Kill the PC?
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Apple has taken the wraps off of another iPad Pro model, this one being a 9.7-inch device, and being aimed at continuing the PC-replacing business model of the original iPad Pro.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has largely been hailed as a breakthrough device for Microsoft. While the original iPad Pro was certainly a threat to the Surface Pro line, the price of the new device could put it in an even better position to take down the Surface. We put the devices head to head to see which is best.



Let’s be honest – Apple is the design king, and while the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is a design breakthrough for Microsoft, it doesn’t match the sleek look of an Apple product. The Surface Pro 4 offers a fun looking exterior, and for those that don’t mind a splash of color, then it might even look better. But for those that are in it for sleek, sexy, class, then there’s no mistaking that the iPad Pro is a better looking tablet.

It’s important to note here that the Surface Pro 4 is quite a bit larger than the smaller iPad Pro, coming in at 12.3 inches against the iPad’s 9.7 inches.

Storage and RAM


When it comes to storage, the Surface Pro 4 is a beast. The device can actually be configured to have more storage than most laptops, at a massive 1TB. The base model comes with a still-pretty-great 128GB of storage.

The iPad Pro is a little more modest. The base model starts at 32GB (come on, Apple), and it can be configured to have up to 128GB. A good amount, to be sure, but as a maximum it’s not really enough to be the PC-killer that some suggest it is.

RAM is another area where the iPad Pro is seriously lacking. At a meager 2GB of RAM, which is less than many smartphones on the market, Apple is leaving much to be desired. By comparison, the Surface Pro 4 starts at 4GB of RAM, and ranges up to a hefty 16GB.

When it comes to storage and RAM, there is a clear winner, and that’s the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

Processing Power

It’s always difficult to compare Apple products with others when it comes to processing, as Apple generally keeps the processing power of its devices largely a secret. Apple has said that the two iPad Pro models have identical processing power, however tests have proven otherwise, with the new model clocking in at 2.16 GHz and the larger model having a slightly more powerful 2.26 GHz.

The Surface Pro 4 has three options for processing. These include the Intel Core M, the Intel Core i5, and the Intel Core i7. Let’s be honest – if you’re buying the Surface Pro 4 it very well could be for heavier processing, and you’re going to want to step it up to the Intel Core i5. The Core i5 and i7 are both more powerful than Apple’s mobile chip, however the Core M processor is a little more matched. In any case, the fact that the Surface Pro 4 ranges up to a higher speed makes it a winner in this category.



While the Surface Pro 4 and the iPad Pro are somewhat targeted at a similar market, they are very different devices and serve very different purposes, proven by the software. Apple has, to the dismay of many, loaded the iPad Pro with iOS, its mobile operating system. The Surface Pro 4, however, has Windows 10, a full desktop operating system. This essentially means that the Surface Pro 4 is much more versatile and able to make use of more, fully featured desktop apps. Sure, there are plenty of great graphic design apps available to iOS, but they simply aren’t as powerful as the apps available to Windows 10. There’s no two ways about it.

iOS vs Windows 10 is a little bit of a weird debate, but based on versatility alone we’re going to have to give this one to the Surface Pro 4.


It’s pretty clear – the Surface Pro 4 is a better device. That said, it’s also a lot more expensive, and for the money the debate is much closer. The Surface Pro 4 starts at $899, while the iPad Pro starts at $599. If you can get all you need to done with the iPad Pro, then save your money and buy the sleeker device that happens to be cheaper. If not, and you need pure power, look no further than the Microsoft Surface Pro.

What do you think about the Surface Pro 4? Is it good enough to replaced your iPad? Let us know in the comments below!

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