8 Bizarre New iPhone Accessories You Might Actually Want

Iphone Accessories Credit: iDrop News Store
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You have a power adapter and a Lightning cable. Those are really the only accessories that you need to use an iPhone on a day-to-day basis. You may even be a step beyond that and have a smartphone case or screen protector on your device. But there’s a good chance that you don’t have any of these accessories and gadgets.

While they range from the bizarre to the practical, these lesser-known but awesome iPhone accessories can enhance your smartphone experience and bring a ton of additional functionality to your device.

GO2SLEEP AI-Powered Sleep Tracker

Go2sleep Ai Powered Sleep Tracker

Your iPhone and Apple Watch can track your steps and activity, but neither device is well-suited for tracking sleep. On the other hand, this small, intelligent device is. It’s basically a finger-worn device that lets you accurately and easily track your sleep.

It gathers accurate sleep data, which it condenses into a comprehensive report that you can see on the connected app. That includes sleep quality, stages and “debt,” as well as heart rate, AHI and body movements throughout the night. It’s barely noticeable when you wear it, and the aforementioned app can offer personalized tips to ensure you get the best night’s rest possible. Get it here.

Cubinote Pro Sticky Note Printer

Cubinote Pro Sticky Note Printer

Even with all of our modern-day technology, it’s hard to do away with the simplicity and versatility of a sticky note. With the smartphone-compatible Cubinote printer, you can have the best of both worlds. You can capture virtually anything on the connected app — and easily print it to a sticky note.

But it’s not just restricted to text, it can also support pictures and drawings. The printed sticky notes are also eco-friendly, biodegradable, and are able to stick to a variety of surfaces without leaving a mark. Better yet, since the printer uses heat to print, you never have to worry about ink. Get it here.

Insta360 Nano S iPhone VR Camera


There are a wide variety of social media platforms that support VR or 360-degree pictures and videos. This type of content is awesome, but it often requires additional hardware and a bit of know-how. But if you’re looking for an easy and powerful way to create and share VR or 360-degree content, the Insta360 is probably going to be your best bet.

The Insta360 camera easily snaps onto the top of your iPhone and connects to the device via Lightning. From there, it’s easy to capture 360-degree images or videos — perfect for stills, prerecorded videos, or even live streams. It sports up to 4K/20MP video and still quality, and features a built-in gyroscope to mitigate shaky or blurry videos. Get it here.

ShiftCam 2.0 Camera Lens Case


Add-on lenses can add a lot of photographic versatility to your iPhone, which is already a serious picture-taking tool on its own. But oftentimes, these lenses are small, clunky or just hard to keep track of. This ingenious case deals with that (and adds a bit of extra protection to your device).

Essentially, it’s an iPhone case with a variety camera lenses built in. You just adjust the sliding mechanism to choose the lens setup that you want. It packs a wide-angle lens, a travel lens, a fisheye lens, a macro lens, and a 2x telephoto lens — giving you a whole new world of smartphone photography capabilities. Get it here.

GOSPACE SuperCharger


If you own at least one electronic device, you probably know that you can never have too many chargers or external batteries. But if you’d like to minimize your charging accessories and just have one device, it’s hard to go wrong with this one.

This super-powered charger packs a 10,000mAh internal battery, two standard USB ports, one USB-C port with fast charging capabilities, and a Qi-compatible wireless charging coil. It’s perfect for travel too, since it comes with EU, UK and AU-style power adapters. Get it here.

Waterproof WiFi Endoscopic Camera


It’s hard to fix something when you can’t see it. That’s where this flexible, endoscopic camera comes in. It’s able to snake into drains, hard-to-reach places in car engines, or behind heavy pieces of furniture. It then sends you a 1080p live feed of what it’s seeing through WiFi.

That, of course, can come in handy for a wide variety of fixes or DIY projects around your home. It carries an IP68 waterproof rating and sports an 8-way adjustable LED, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged by liquids or using it in darker (or even pitch-black) environments. Get it here.

BACtrack Personal Breathalyzer


No matter what, you should never drive drunk. But sometimes it can be hard to tell whether you’re tipsy or not. This simple breathalyzer, which attaches to your keychain and connects to your iPhone, can remove any doubt — and help ensure that you get home safely. At the very least, it’s a fun party trick.

Just blow into it and you’ll be able to see your current estimated BAC on the connected app. It uses the same breathalyzer tech trusted by police and hospitals, but also comes packed with other clever features. It can track your BAC over time and estimate when it will return to 0.00%. Better yet, you can order an Uber or Lyft from directly within the app if you’ve done a bit too much imbibing. Get it here.

Portable Screen Magnifying Smartphone Stand


Smartphones are getting bigger. The latest iPhone, for example, has a massive and beautiful display that gives smaller tablets a run for their money. That makes them great for watching shows and movies on the go — but they’re still not perfect for binging your favorite Netflix series. This quirky gadget can help.

It is, essentially, a foldable wooden stand that can slip in your laptop case or backpack. But it also sports a flip-up, 3x magnifying lens that enhances and magnifies your iPhone’s display. Just set your device on the wooden stand behind the lens and you’ll be on your way to more enjoyable viewing in no time. It’s simple, but effective. Get it here.

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