8 Best AirPods Max Accessories to Try

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The AirPods Max is now available as Apple’s ultimate smart listening experience – and if you’re willing to make a heavy investment in over-ear headphones like these, you’re probably interested in accessories that make the AirPods Max even better to use. Here are eight accessories users agree that you must check out.

Anchor Under Desk Stand – $11.95

AirPods Max Accessories 6

The AirPods Max are excellent headphones, but they’re also a bit bulky, which means you’ll need a dedicated spot to keep them when not in use. That’s a problem for people who already have a lot going on at their desks and want to keep things as neat as possible.

This Anchor stand provides a welcome solution: It screws into the bottom of your desk and allows you to hang headphones from there, where there’s lots of space, and they won’t get in the way. Just make sure you measure far away enough from your knees!

EletecPro Headphone Stand – $12.99

AirPods Max Accessories 1

If you really want to show off your AirPods Max, you may be disappointed in an under-desk stand. Those willing to sacrifice a little bit of space so they can display the Max will love this beautiful aluminum stand.

It’s elegant, durable, and perfect to hang heavier headphones from. Typically reserved for gaming headsets, these type of stands also make the ideal accessory for the AirPods Max!

There’s also a lead pad on top for your headphones to rest against without fear of damage, and a silicone pad on the bottom to prevent the stand from slipping.

A 20W Power Adapter – $18.99

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Apple’s latest trend continues: The company is shipping the AirPods Max with a charging cable but without a charger. If you don’t have a spare adapter around that you can use, you’re going to need to buy one for easy charging (unfortunately, the AirPods Max doesn’t support wireless charging like the AirPods cases do – at least, not for now).

The best way to get prepared is to buy a USB-C adapter from Apple. This particular adapter powers up at 20W and is ready to charge your AirPods or nearly anything else at top speed.

Twelve South AirFly – $39.99

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Twelve South is famous for unique Apple-focused products, and this certainly isn’t an exception. You see, there are some places where Bluetooth connections just won’t work – like a vintage iPod, tapping into the gym’s TVs, or plane seats that are plug-in only for headphones.

If you want to use your AirPods Max at a plug-only spot, this adapter is specifically designed to connect wireless headphones to a wired jack.

Waterfield AirPods Max Shield Case – $89

AirPods Max Lifestyle 101

If you aren’t entirely satisfied with the case that the AirPods Max came in, there are alternatives. Our favorite option is this incredible Waterfield case, which is designed with a plush interior and three layers of protection to make sure the headphones stay damage-free. There’s also a magnetic cup rest that automatically puts the Max into a low-power mode when you put it into the case (as the Apple case does) to help save on battery life, and it even supports in-case charging. It’s also available in a variety of leather colors, including vegan-friendly substitutes. The only downside is that this case is very popular, and ships out in batches – so you’ll have to order ahead of time and stay patient to get one. (Current wait is a bit more than a month.)

RAVPower USB-C Charger – $18.99

AirPods Max Accessories 4

Are you sighing at the thought of adding yet another adapter to your collection, let alone one you have to buy separately? Why not do the opposite, and consolidate instead? This handy dual adapter offers both a PD-enabled 18W USB-C port and a 12W USB-A port for older devices that may need that connection. It’s also smart enough to manage dual charging on a variety of devices without risking overheating or other problems. Use it to save on space and free up more outlets.

Anker PowerCore Slim – $25.99

AirPods Max Accessories 2

If you’re on a long flight or commute, your AirPods Max may not have the battery life to last the whole trip, and you don’t always have access to outlets during these times. This Anker portable charger is a battery pack with a great solution: 10,000mAh of storage with an 18W USB-C connection that’s ready and waiting to charge your Apple devices at top speed to make sure your AirPods (and whatever they’re paired with) will last as long as you need them to. Plus, it’s small enough to fit in a pack or pocket easily and comes in various colors to match your other devices.

Toluohu Headband Cushion – $12.99

AirPods Max Accessories 3

The AirPods Max produces amazing sound quality, but some people struggle with over-ear headphone designs. They can weigh down on your head, pull your hair, and generally cause discomfort or headaches in some users. Fortunately, there’s a solution you can try: Toluohu designed this headband cushion specifically for the AirPods Max to make them easier to wear, especially for long periods. The silicone material is designed to last, and you get several color options if you want to add some flair to your pods. If you don’t like the headband, there’s also a 90-day return window to get a full refund.

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