7 Cheapest Cellular Plans for iPhone

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Maybe you’re a new iPhone owner searching for a more affordable phone plan. Or maybe you’ve had your iPhone for a while, but your New Year’s resolution is to save money on subscriptions – why not look for a more affordable cellular plan? For those on tight budgets to those who don’t want to get hung up on complicated plans, we have a few that you’ll want to check out. See how much these seven plans could save you!

Tello Prepaid 6-Month Plan for Just $49

Tello Mobile

Once around $90, you can get this plan for more than 40% off, which is a great deal that gives you a worry-free head-start on your phone plan, with plenty of time to look for affordable long term options. It’s not barebones, either. You’ll get unlimited talk and text along with 2GB of LTE data to browse the web each month. The plan also offers minutes to Canada, China, and Mexico at the same rates as domestic calls. There’s no contract or continuing obligations.

Note that the plan uses Sprint’s U.S. network for connections, which may matter based on Sprint’s coverage in your area. There are also some limitations on what phones are compatible, but if you have a newer CDMA iPhone, there shouldn’t be an issue, but check for compatibility. The deal is credit-based, and you need an unlocked phone free of contracts to successfully apply and get the credit to take advantage of this Tello plan. Get the deal here.

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Mint Mobile – $20 Per Month

mint mobile

Mint Mobile offers another prepaid option with a 3-month renewal that could be a better option for your financial situation – especially considering the great deals that you get in return. Current deals offer 8GB of data at 4G speeds for just $20 per month, which includes unlimited talk and text and a handy little SIM card kit to make transitions easier. Calls to North America are free. You can bring your old iPhone over if it’s unlocked. Get the deal here.

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Ting – $6 for a Line Plus Custom Additions


Ting allows you to build your account with the parameters you want. One phone line costs $6 per month. Then you choose how many talk minutes you want, from 0 to around 2,100, followed by how many texts per month you want, and then how much data you want. An average plan will end up costing only $30 per month, but what we really like is the ability to tailor it to exactly how you use your iPhone.

Not a big fan of talking, but send lots of texts? Adjust your plan to only spend money on what you do most! It’s a pretty great system that also includes no extra costs for international calls to more than 60 different countries, no contracts, and no cancellation fees. Again, the average iPhone should be compatible with Ting as long as it’s unlocked and not currently tied to a financing plan on another network. Get the deal here.

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AT&T Prepaid Plan – $25 Per Month

ATT Prepaid Logo

AT&T offers several surprisingly good prepaid plans for those who are looking to save money. There’s a current promo offer for $25 per month if you agree to an annual contract. The plan includes unlimited talking and texting each month, and 8GB of high-speed data to use as you see fit. Rollover data is allowed.

Even if you don’t want or qualify for that promo, there’s also unlimited text and talk prepaid plans for $25 if you sign up for AutoPay and other deals that are worth a look. AT&T has a very reliable U.S. network, but again if you haven’t used them before, you should check friends/reviews in your area to see how service is. Get the deal here.

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Boost Mobile – $35 Per Month Unlimited Talk, Text and Data

Boost Mobile Logo

Boost Mobile is one of the longest-running prepaid cellular providers, offering incredible deals on wireless service, which is activated on Sprint’s nationwide 4G LTE network. For just $35 per month, users will get unlimited data, talk, and text. Unlimited 4G LTE data tops out at 3GB, but more can be added. After 3GB, service speeds will slow down, but you’ll never be fully disconnected. Even better yet, data used by music streaming services won’t count against you. Get the deal here.

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Sprint – Varying Deals

Sprint Carrier Logo

While Sprint may not have the same low pay-as-you-go rates of our other picks, they do have a lot of deals available, especially around the holidays. If you want to stick with a more traditional plan, you should check out what they offer. There’s an unlimited Kickstart plan that starts at $35 (eventually rising to $60), a bring your own device deal that allows you to save $10 per month, discounts for credit union members, discounts for veterans, discounts for the elderly. That’s a lot of discount options in general that you should look into. See the deals here.

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T-Mobile Magenta – 4 Lines for $35 Per Line Plus a Line Free

T-Mobile Logo

Have a family of iPhones to think about? T-Mobile’s Magenta plan is made just for you, including four lines for $35 per line – but T-Mobile throws in the fourth line for free, so you save quite a lot. There’s unlimited talk and text, 3GB of 4G LTE data per month, and some other useful features that combine into a great family plan for those with bigger needs. Get the deal here.

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