5 New Occupational Emojis Coming to iOS 10 Update

5 New Occupational Emojis Coming to iOS 10 Update
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We just love those cute little emojis, don’t we? I know I sure do! And while some are inherently a bit more applicable than others, the majority that are currently available — particularly on iOS — are some of the best around.

As most of us know by now, the Unicode Consortium — a group of entities responsible for creating, evaluating, and uploading new emoticons to be distributed to device manufacturers — is currently at work putting the finishing touches on all those super-sweet new emojis coming to us in the forthcoming iOS 10 software update.

As a world-leading tech-titan, Apple has quite a bit of push when it comes to working with the members of the Unicode Consortium to create new, exciting, and appropriate emoticons for future release. And the Cupertino-company apparently has just submitted a last-minute request to have another five of them added to the already bustling list of what’s soon to come.

According to Emojipedia, the official “emoji encyclopedia,” long-time Apple engineer, Peter Edberg, recently filed the request to have the male and female iterations of various occupational/vocational emojis added to those already suggested. Those five emojis include the ones shown in the photo above — a male and female artist, astronaut, firefighter, judge, and finally, pilot.

The suggested additions will reportedly take the form of zero-width joiner (ZWJ) sequences — which, according to AppleInsider, are characterized as “non-printing characters that can be used to modify or join two emoji together in order to form a new character.”

Thus, in the instance of these five professions, the ZWJ sequence joins the standard male or female emoticon with the associated object. In the case of a female artist, for example, the emoji incorporates the codes for “female, and paintbrush.”

AppleInsider notes that Google was actually the first firm to have contacted the Unicode Consortium requesting the addition of characters representing various professions — including, among others, a health worker, farmer, cook, singer, teacher, and more.

These above mentioned emojis join a total of 32 new characters, 16 of which represent professions that are slated to make their way into the final release of Unicode’s “Emoji 4.0” platform — also known internally as Unicode Technical Report 51.

Sounds like some kind of top-secret stuff, if you ask me; but regardless, these new emojis won’t remain a secret for long.. According to 9to5Mac, Unicode has already responded to Apple’s request — submitting an official update to Apple that outlines all that’s coming in “Emoji 4.0.”

Developer and Beta testers of Apple’s iOS 10 software currently have access to a handful, but not all, of the forthcoming emojis. However, with Unicode’s “Emoji 4.0” slated for a mid-November release, we can expect the whole kit-and-caboodle to come in a software update later on this fall — long after the release of Apple’s iPhone 7.

Are you looking forward to all the emojis coming to iOS 10 this year? Let us know in the comments!

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