5 Major Reasons Windows PCs Suck Compared to Mac

5 Major Reasons Windows PCs Suck Compared to Mac
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There are a multitude of reasons why people choose Apple products over the competition. From the user experience, to the culture, to the flawless design, Apple has evolved into much more than a tech company. It has become a lifestyle. You instantly recognize everyone who wears a pair of iconic white Apple headphones, sends you an iMessage, or responds to an email with the “Sent from my iPhone” signature stamp as a fellow Apple user.

The recent surge of Mac computers that dominate coffee shops, workspaces, DJ sets, universities and more can be surprising to some. To others, these computers can create warm feelings of nostalgia, especially for those of us who remember playing a pixelated version of Oregon Trail on Macintosh computers back in grade school. The Mac computer has certainly come a long way since those days.

When Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak built the first computer back in 1976, they set the stage for computing. And when Bill Gates’ Microsoft saddled up alongside them with his own computing system, a never-ending Mac versus PC feud was born.

There are a number of reasons why it’s better to side with a Mac over any Windows PC, but there are five incredibly important ones that every potential computer buyer should know.

  1. Integration Across Your DevicesMacVSpc1

If you already own an iPhone or, choosing a Mac over a Windows PC should be an easy decision. This is because you can flawlessly integrate your mail options, calendar events, apps, contacts and more across all devices. Plus, all Apple devices have easy access to iCloud, making the process of sharing even more fluid. And with the same OS features across your devices, it becomes much easier moving from your smartphone to tablet to laptop with Apple only features such as Hand-Off.

  1. Intuitive User InterfaceMacVSpc2

Most consumers enjoy using a Mac over a Windows PC because of the intuitive user interface. Granted, if you are transitioning from a PC, it might take a little time to understand that there is no ‘right click’ option (gasp!) on a Mac. But using a Mac is extremely easy to learn (way less complicated than the infamous Windows 8) and very user-friendly.

  1. Hardware and Software Integration

MacVSpc3_iFixitPhoto: iFixit

It should be noted that Apple is the only personal computer company that owns and manufactures both the software and hardware for their computers. This is the same with their iPhone devices (which is why Apple security patches are more readily available than those on Android). Software updates are easy and most are done automatically.

Speaking of software, Mac’s OS X comes with free Apple created programs like iPhoto, iMessage, iMovie, Photobooth, Garageband, and more. These are all specially designed for Apple’s hardware so you’ll never run out of smooth running software that will make your computer experience more productive and more fun.

  1. Simple Computer SelectionMacVSpc4

With Apple, the choice is simple: Do you want a laptop? Choose either the MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air. Do you want a desktop computer? You can either purchase the iMac or iMac with Retina 5K display. If you’re more ambitious and want to build your own computer, yet keep the Mac OS, Apple offers either the Mac mini Mac mini or the Mac Pro. In total, there are 19 Mac computers to choose from.

There isn’t an overwhelming amount of models to confuse you or make your purchase difficult, which is one of the glaring problems Windows PC users face. All the specs and all the options are clearly spelled out for you, and you get what you pay for.

  1. Virus Protection

MacVSpc5_TechFuelPhoto: TechFuel

Let’s be upfront, Mac computers have had a few viruses. But when compared to PCs, that number is undeniably minimal. Macs are more secure than Windows PCs because the Mac software is based on Unix, which already includes a number of security features. Add to the fact that Apple also adds its own security measures (like Gatekeeper) to keep your computer safe.

There are many other reasons why choosing a Mac over a Windows PC should be an easy decision. If you still aren’t convinced, the numbers show a vast amount of people are making the switch. Apple reported a 9 percent year-over-year increase in the number of Macs sold (totaling 4.8 million). This is because Macs retain their value for years. Consumers want a more reliable, user-friendly experience, from the moment they purchase their computer and for years afterward, which can only be achieved with a Mac.

Are you a Windows defector? How has your computing experience improved since you’ve switched to Mac? Are there other major reasons Windows sucks compared to Mac that you think we’ve missed? Or are you hanging on to Windows for now? Let us know in the comments below!

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