Top 5 Most Memorable iOS Wallpapers of All Time

Top 5 Most Memorable iOS Wallpapers of All Time
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Since the very first iPhone was revealed in 2007, Apple has shown off its flagship device with a variety of iconic wallpapers. Whether they were default iOS wallpapers, backgrounds used extensively in Apple marketing material, or pictures that graced device screens during keynote presentations, these are undoubtedly some of the most memorable images associated with Apple’s revolutionary smartphone.

5. Blue Marble

While the clownfish image was used in most marketing material, it wasn’t the image that graced displays when consumers first booted their iPhones. If you search your memory, you’ll remember that this picture of Earth from space was the actual default Lock Screen wallpaper for early versions of iOS. But despite its ubiquity, more people probably remember the clownfish image than this one.

4. Lake and Mountains

This innocuous picture of a lake and mountains against a night sky was the first image publicly displayed on an iPad — it was the default wallpaper during Steve Job’s announcement of the device in 2010. But, unlike the clownfish image, it was also the default wallpaper that shipped with first-generation iPad devices. Though maybe not as iconic as the clownfish image, it’s still an integral part of iOS’s visual history.

3. Drops on Glass

This picture of water droplets on frosted glass was the default wallpaper for iOS 4. Notably, it’s the first image used as a default Home screen wallpaper since previous versions of iOS didn’t allow users to change their background, only the Lock Screen image. Beyond that, the image also showed off the Retina capabilities of the iPhone 4 at the time and for many of us, it’s an image that we remember fondly.

2. Cloudy Night Sky

This image, released as the default wallpaper for iOS 7, is notable mostly because iOS 7 was a major redesign of Apple’s software — and one that dropped the aging skeuomorphic elements of its predecessors. It was a controversial change for some, and there’s no doubt that it shifted the look of iOS forever. But while iOS 7 supported dynamic wallpapers for the first time, Apple opted for this picture of a starry night sky as the default.

1. Clownfish

Prominently displayed on the demo device Steve Jobs used when he unveiled the first iPhone, this image of clownfish swimming through a sea anemone is nothing short of symbolic — and is arguably the most iconic iPhone wallpaper ever. But while the picture was used heavily in Apple marketing material at the time, it was actually left off of the original consumer version of iOS.

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