5 Cool iPhone Accessories Unveiled at CES (That You Can Buy Right Now)

CES 2020 Accessories and Products You Can Buy Right Now Credit: Incipio / Chipolo / Satechi
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Like any good technology trade show, CES is typically awash in Apple-related or Apple-compatible accessories. But, more often than not, CES announcements are teasers that leave you waiting months for the actual release date. That’s not the case with these handpicked iPhone and Apple accessories.

While announced at CES 2020 in Las Vegas this week, all of these products are available to purchase now and will arrive sooner rather than later.

Satechi Trio Wireless Charging Pad

There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of AirPower replacements at CES this year, but some options are more notable than others. A new option by Satechi could offer a good solution for users wanting to charge AirPods, an iPhone and an Apple Watch simultaneously.

The Satechi Trio can charge up any iPhone (even with a 5mm case) or AirPods case, but also features a two-position Apple Watch charging puck so you can use Night Stand mode instead of just laying the charger down flat. The pad itself is powered via USB-C, and the whole setup comes with a 24W power adapter.

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Popsocket PopPower Home

Popsockets are useful and popular accessories for many iPhone users, but they’ve always had a problem. Specifically, they interfere with an iPhone’s ability to charge via Qi wireless charging. But at CES 2020, Popsocket is debuting a new accessory that could change that.

It’s called the PopPower Home. Essentially, it’s a wireless charging pad with a hole in the middle that fits a PopGrip. That allows you to charge up your iPhone with a Popsocket (as long as you’re using a standard plastic grip). Other than that, it supports an iPhone’s top wireless charging speed of 7.5W and works through cases up to 5mm thick.

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Affordable Sennheiser Headphones

If you’re looking for a good pair of over-ear, Bluetooth headphones to hold you over until Apple StudioPods arrive (if they do), then look no further than these two affordable models that Sennheiser unveiled at CES 2020 this week: The HD350BT and the HD450BT.

Both models offer up to 30 hours of listening time, USB-C fast charging, and digital assistant support. As Sennheiser products, you can also rest assured that they’ll offer top-tier audio performance. The HD 350BT is available to purchase now and will ship to consumers later this month. The noise-canceling HD 450BT will ship out in mid-February, but you can order it now.

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Incipio Compostable iPhone Cases

Have you ever wondered what happens to your iPhone case after you’ve thrown it away? Well-known accessory maker Incipio seems to have asked that same question. And their answer is a new line of “Organicore” cases for iPhone, which could help make your iPhone accessorizing more sustainable.

The cases are slim, lightweight and tested to protect against drops up to 6 feet. They also feature compatibility for Qi charging and a raised edge for screen protection. Most importantly, they’re made from plant-based materials which Incipio says will biodegrade in six months at an industrial composting environment.

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Chipolo ONE Item Tracker

While Apple is largely expected to debut a new Ultra Wideband-based tracking tag sometime in the future, Apple fans need to settle for third-party solutions in the meantime. And one of the most promising and affordable tracking accessories on the market today is made by Chipolo.

The most attractive thing about the Chipolo ONE tag is its $25 price with no recurring subscription fees. For that price of admission, you get a slew of features from unlimited sharing, a Lost & Found community, support for most digital assistants, and out-of-range notifications that are tailored to avoid false positives.

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