5 Apple Watch Apps That Don’t Suck

5 Apple Watch Apps That Don't Suck
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The truth is, many consumers don’t really understand the Apple Watch. If it were simply an extension of your iPhone, why would you want it? Sales of the Apple Watch have slumped dramatically in the months after the initial Apple Watch launch, proving that most consumers who saw value in the device have already purchased one. What’s leftover is a vast amount of consumers who probably would like to have an Apple Watch, but can’t see enough value in the product to actually purchase it.

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I’ve stated in the past that if Apple wants their watch to be a major success, they’re going to have to get creative. The watch must have a feature, besides heart rate monitoring function, which will actually create a need for the device. Whether this has been accomplished already, or not, is up for debate, and largely depends on who you are and what apps you enjoy using.

Some might say the Apple Watch has killer applications that make it a godsend and some might say it’s worthless all together. We are on the fence with the Apple Watch right now, and while it’s not exactly a must-have-device, it still has its advantages.

Check out below five applications that make the Apple Watch almost a must-have-device (for the right person).

1. BMW I Remotebmwiremote
If you’re lucky enough to own a BMW i3 or a BMW i8, you’ll definitely want to download the BMW i Remote app. i Remote offers exciting features for your iPhone and extended many of them to Apple’s timepiece. The Apple Watch application will allow you to pre-heat or cool-down your vehicle wirelessly. Lose your car in a parking lot? Use the Apple Watch i Remote app to quickly flash your high beams on and off, making it much easier to spot and reclaim your vehicle.

You can check the charge and range of your car, calculate your driving efficiency, and more. One of the best features is the ability to lock your car doors, anywhere, with just your Apple Watch! Interestingly, the i Remote app will not allow you to unlock your doors with the watch at this time, but I’m sure this feature will be added in an upcoming software update. Download the i Remote app, here.

2. SPGspgIf you often stay at fancy Starwood Hotels, you’ll definitely want to download the SPG app for your Apple Watch. This application will give you access to the 1,200 hotels and resorts in their repertoire and their award-winning loyalty program.

The SPG app will allow you to complete tons of common hotel-related tasks with the convenience of just lifting your wrist. You can check your room number at a glance, check-in, and even unlock your hotel door. How cool is that? Get the SPG application, here.

3. Citi MobilecitiCiti is one of today’s most popular banks and credit card issuers. Due to their popularity, they have been pressured to update and enhance their iOS application and it is better than ever. Check your account balances, see recent transactions with real-time notifications, and even locate the closest ATM directly from your wrist.

Never pull out your phone, unlock it, launch the app, and sign-in just to check your balance again! The Apple Watch functionality makes banking quicker than ever. Get the Citi Mobile app, here.

4. PayByPhone ParkingScreen Shot 2015-08-04 at 3.47.14 PM

PayByPhone is an up-and-coming app that makes it really easy to pay to park without dealing with annoying meters or pocket change. It currently only works in select cities, in the U.S., Canada, UK, and France; and more are coming. It’s completely free to register, and once you’re in the PayByPhone system, your Apple Watch will seamlessly alert you of important parking information.

10 minutes until your meter runs out of time? No big deal, your Apple Watch will tap your on your wrist to remind you to get back to the car or to add more money. Don’t feel like heading home yet? No big deal, simply add more money to your meter right from your wrist (without ever pulling out your phone)! Get the PayByPhone Parking app, here.

5. ProCameraScreen Shot 2015-08-04 at 3.48.02 PM

ProCamera is an advanced photography application that has received phenomenal reviews from users all over the world. What makes the application even more relevant today is its Apple Watch functionality.

The Apple Watch will act as an advanced remote for the iPhone making steady shots and self-portraits easier than ever. Change camera setting to burst mode, turn on your flash, and select timer options right from your wrist! Get the ProCamera app, here.

Like I said, there is no real killer app for the Apple Watch that begs average users to purchase the pricey timepiece, just yet.

However, at this time there are some substantial perks that might persuade the right person to pick up an Apple Watch. If you’re a BMW owning, hotel staying, money managing, photographer you will find more than enough reason to take the plunge into Apple Watch ownership status. For the majority of us, owning an Apple Watch can wait.

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