4th Generation Apple TV’s Top Charts Dominated by Games

Games Dominate Unofficial Apple TV App Chart
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The fourth-generation Apple TV was released last Friday, and with it came the tvOS App Store. The App Store is still in its infancy at the moment, and users aren’t currently able to browse specific app categories, nor are they able to access the store’s Top Charts yet.


While Apple’s promo image for the tvOS App Store contains menu options both for “Top Charts” and “Categories”, the company is likely waiting for more app submissions before they make those options live. Until then, users have to search for apps by name in order to access them. One user, however, found a workaround to access the Top Charts, and the results are somewhat surprising.

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith created a workaround to directly access Apple’s Top Chart data. He published his findings yesterday, and it appears as if games are topping both the paid and free charts. At the moment, Harmonix’s Beat Sports, which retails at $9.99, sits at the top of the paid apps chart. Sitting at number two is Simplex, a Plex client for the Apple TV. The rest of the top ten list for paid apps is dominated by games.


While Rayman Adventures and Crossy Road claim the number one and two spots, respectively, the free chart sees quite a few more media apps on the list. HBO Now, The Nat Geo TV, Fox Now, Showtime, History, CNNgo, and CBS claim spots three through nine, with another game, Asphalt 8: Airborne rounds out the list at number 10.

The App Store currently holds just over 1,000 apps, and is constantly growing. As the App Store grows, it will be interesting to see if games continue to dominate the paid charts. At the moment, it’s unclear when Apple will update the store and add the capability to browse the charts and by category.


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