4 Details You Missed from the New MacBook Pro Announcement

4 Details You Missed from the New MacBook Pro Announcement
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Apple’s newly unveiled Touch Bar certainly stole the show at today’s “Hello Again” keynote event. But there are a few things worth knowing about the latest MacBook Pro that you might have missed.

1. The New MacBook Pro Won’t Have MagSafe

Apple is killing off the MagSafe power cable in the latest iteration of the MacBook lineup. Both versions of Cupertino’s MacBook Pro refresh will use USB-C for charging. And while this more universal type of charging cable has its advantages, it means that we’ll no longer have that extra peace of mind that MagSafe cables brought.

For those worried about tripping on the new, non-magnetic USB-Cables — and potentially breaking their expensive laptops — there are already products available that will add MagSafe-like functionality to their new MacBook’s USB-C connectors.

2. You’ll need an adapter to plug your iPhone 7 into your new MacBook Pro

With the MacBook Pro refresh, Apple made the move toward USB-3, also known as Thunderbolt. They’ve swapped out the HDMI, USB and power ports with four Thunderbolt 3 ports. They’re the same size as a USB-C port, so while that means you’ll have the latest standard, it also means that you’ll need an adapter to connect your iPhone 7’s USB cable into your new MacBook Pro.

Additionally, Cupertino won’t include the needed adapter in the new MacBook Pro’s box. You’ll need to purchase it from Apple for $19.

3. The new MacBooks will have upgraded hardware

With the Touch Bar stealing the show, it was easy for Apple spend less time covering the upgraded trackpad, keyboard and speakers that’ll be included on the new MacBook Pro lineup.

The new MacBook Pro’s speakers, for example, boast truer-to-life sounds with better bass output and double the dynamic range. The updated track pad is almost twice as large on both the 13- and 15-inch models — allowing more room for gestures. The new MacBook Pro keyboard is also expected to be more responsive and comfortable to type on, featuring a second-generation butterfly typing mechanism.

4. Yes, there will be a headphone jack on the new MacBook Pro lineup

While Apple has done away with standard USB ports and its iconic MagSafe charger on the new MacBook Pro models, it hasn’t killed off another feature — one that was recently excluded on Cupertino’s flagship iPhone 7.

That’s right, the new MacBook Pro will have a headphone jack. Apple has been largely been criticized by other tech companies for killing off the standard in its newest flagship smartphone. But even as Apple moves continuously toward a future of port standardization, it seems that Cupertino wasn’t quite ready to kill the jack on its latest flagship notebook.

So that means you’ll be free to use any standard headphones or earbuds you want with your new MacBook Pro — with the exception, of course, of the iPhone 7’s Lightning EarPods.

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