4 Aspects Apple Should Improve to Make Apple Watch 2 the Best Wearable

4 Aspects Apple Should Improve to Make Apple Watch 2 the Best Wearable
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The Apple Watch was one of the company’s more innovative products, helping establish a footing in the wearable gadget market. And while Apple has yet to release any numbers detailing the success of the device, sources have estimated that the Apple Watch sold anywhere between 2.5 million and 6 million units in Q4. While these numbers are impressive, more people are focused on what is to come: the Apple Watch 2.

Apple was late to the wearables market, only releasing the Apple Watch in April of last year. They were up against fierce competition from FitBit, Pebble, and other companies who already had a stronghold in the wearable gadget realm.

But now that they put their foot in the door with the Apple Watch, they can go on to take over the market with the Apple Watch 2. But here’s what they need to do:


Enhance Fitness Tracking

Fitness is huge (and dare we say trendy). Consumers love the idea that they can use their smart devices to track their fitness routines, calories, heart rate, and more.

In lieu of this, Apple needs to put more of a focus on the health part of the Apple Watch 2. Which might be why Apple has hired more health experts and plans on adding more health features and sensors to the Apple Watch 2.

Waterproof it

apple_watch_2_wishlist_2Although there have been instances of consumers using their Apple Watch in water environments, Apple hasn’t officially said that the Apple Watch is 100% waterproof.

It may be water-resistant (IPX7 rated, to be exact), but that won’t cut it when other fitness trackers are completely waterproof. If they want to stay on top of the fitness market, Apple will need to make the Apple Watch 2 waterproof.

Increase Battery Life

As with any product, good battery life is important for consumers. No one wants to have to worry about charging his or her device multiple times a day just to stay connected. According to Apple, the current Apple Watch boasts 18 hours of battery life with normal use, and has a 3-year lifespan.

However, some users have reported that has been tough just to make their watch last through the day. Therefore, many users are hoping that Apple will include a longer-lasting battery for the Apple Watch 2.

Change up the Design

apple_watch_2_wishlist_3Compared to other Apple devices, the Apple Watch isn’t nearly as sleek or as thin. It’s a bit bulky, doesn’t flush nicely with shirt cuffs, and is boxy.

And since Apple normally takes the route of making slim, fashionable, and appealing devices, it would make sense that the Apple Watch 2 will get a design update.

The Apple Watch in its current form is a fantastic device, but is having trouble becoming that “must-have product”. We know that if Apple can improve upon the previous four aspects, we could have a game changer on our hands.

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