3 Tricks to Charge Your iPhone Faster

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Sure, Apple will have you know that its iPhone can actually be enjoyed for hours on end, however the unfortunate reality is that most power-users can barely last a day on a single charge, usually juicing back up in the early to mid-afternoon. And while that may be a time consuming prospect, there are actually a number of ways to help users expedite the process of fueling back up. Check out our top 3 tips for charging up your iPhone faster than you ever imagined possible.

3. Turn on Airplane Mode

While your iPhone is connected to a charger, presumably replenishing its battery, in many ways the device is actually expending battery power while plugged in. That’s because the device is still connected to, and processing data from, cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other wireless, location-based connections. However if you turn your iPhone’s Airplane Mode functionality on while charging, you’re bound to notice that the device is able to charge up noticeably faster — even though the unit, itself, remains on all the while.

The only drawback to doing this, of course, would be that you won’t receive calls, texts, or really use the device at all while Airplane Mode is enabled — but if you can go 30-45 minutes without being contacted, it could certainly make all the difference when you’re in desperate need of battery power.

To enable Airplane Mode..

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen
  2. Tap the Airplane icon on the top row of options in control panel.

2. Use an Upgraded Charger

The Apple-branded charger included with recent iPhones features a 5-volt configuration, capable of pushing 1 amp at 5 watts of power. It’s not a bad charger, obviously, as you and I both know Apple would never bundle garbage alongside such a magical device. But compare the iPhone’s charger, for example, with what Cupertino includes with every iPad — a 5.1-volt configuration, capable of pushing 2.1 amps at 12 watts of power.

You don’t need a lesson from Bill Nye the Science Guy to see the clear difference there — if you used an iPad charger to charge your iPhone, you’d be able to do so in a lot less time. I can personally lend credence to this claim, as I charge my own iPhone 6s Plus using the same AC adapter that was included with my iPad Pro and the results are quite impressive to say the least – charging from 10-15% up to 90, or even 100%, in around 45 minutes.

Bottom line is: not all chargers are created equal. And while the iPhone’s internal components are themselves limited by how fast they can siphon power from an AC adapter, you’d be surprised at just how much faster you can fill your tank by using a more powerful one.

1. Power Down Completely While Charging

This tip runs somewhat along the lines of enabling Airplane mode, as noted in our first tip. However, instead of merely disabling the myriad of wireless connectivity options, momentarily, fully powering down your iPhone altogether will not only allow it to juice up faster, but will also help ensure the temperature is nice and cool throughout the duration of the process. This is actually quite important, since charging up a ‘cool device’ will actually help it do so a bit faster than if it’s warm.

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