200-Person Samsung Team Created for Apple Displays

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Samsung and Apple have been at each others’ throats for years now. Over the years, the two companies have filed over 40 patent lawsuits against each other. Last August, both companies agreed to drop litigation in a bit of an uneasy “truce.” Although the two companies have worked together in the past, it appears as if now Apple and Samsung are setting aside their differences, with Samsung establishing a dedicated team to focus on creating displays for Apple products.


According to a Bloomberg report, Samsung dedicated 200 of their employees to work solely on Apple displays. Although Samsung has previously been one of Apple’s top providers for iPad screens, this newly formed team will work to innovate and create screens for Apple’s entire product line, including MacBooks and possibly the new Apple Watch. The team, which was ‘formed April 1st,‘ is reportedly not allowed to share product information outside of the group, staying true to Apple’s usual discretionary policies.


In addition to the display team, reports from early April state that Samsung was awarded a contract to produce the A9 chips for the next generation of iPhones. Although Samsung has supplied up to 40% of the A8 chips found in the iPhone 6, the company has developed more advanced manufacturing technology than their competitors.

Although it appears as if the relationship between the two companies is strengthening, neither Apple nor Samsung have commented on the new display team.


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