10 of the Most Unique Apple Stores in the World

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Apple is a world-renowned brand that has changed the way we use and think about technology. From iPods to Macbooks to the new Apple Watch, Apple consistently brings new and bright ideas to the table. They tirelessly chase after new technologies, and strive to deliver the best to their loyal customers and (dare I say) Apple enthusiasts fanatics. So it would only make sense that Apple continues its clean design into their stores.

Below are ten of the coolest Apple stores throughout the world. You surely won’t be disappointed with their flawless and eye-catching designs!

New York, NY USA


One of the more famous and notable Apple stores, the Apple store on Fifth Avenue in the Big Apple is an enormous glass cube with a large luminescent Apple logo in hovering in the center. The cube marks the entrance to the store, which is a swivel glass staircase that descends into the retail store below.

New York, NY USA


Another famous New York City Apple store is located in the Upper West Side. This location marked the 280th retail location (and the 4th in NYC) for Apple; and while it is not nearly the tourist destination of the Fifth Avenue location, it still showcases the clean lines and glass ensemble (think all-glass ceiling) that are expected with every Apple store.

San Francisco, CA USA


Located just off of Market Street in San Francisco, the Apple store occupies the corner where Stockton Street meets Market Street. The store is a large matte silver square from afar, dominated on the inside by a centrally located glass staircase. Downstairs you can test all of Apple’s products, and upstairs you can visit the Genius Bar and browse Apple accessories.

Boston, MA, USA


Located on Boylston Street, one of the main shopping streets in Boston, this Apple store displays a huge glass front that rises three stories above the sidewalk. Apple touts that there are 6100-square-meters of retail space within.

Shanghai, China


Standing tall in the Pudong district of Shanghai is one of the most aesthetically beautiful Apple stores. A huge glass cylinder marks the top of this Apple store, which is nestled underneath the dramatic structure. It took inspiration from the Fifth Avenue store in New York City.

Regent Street, London, UK

apple_store_6 (2)

This Apple store on Regent Street is what it would look like if upper class style met a museum and a sleek tech shop at once. The store is elegant, with big flowing arches and plenty of glass to showcase the gadgets inside. This location also has a 64-seat theater that plays hosts to Apple presentations and workshops.

Opera Store, Paris, France


Beautiful to behold, this Apple store in Paris deviates slightly from the traditional Apple look. Big (yet elegant) wrought iron bars can be seen across the windows, and inside you will find a décor made up of wood, marble, and stone that matches the existing building. Though a rather small space, it is a great display of Parisian beauty.

Sydney, Australia


Located on George Street, this is the one of the largest Apple stores in the world. George Street is one of the busiest streets in Sydney, and also possesses more high-rise buildings than any other street in Sydney. The sheer glass front and bold Apple logo of the shop dominate the sidewalk and street, enticing local shoppers to come inside. Rumor has it that the store cost around $15 million.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Touted as the biggest Apple store in the world, this Amsterdam location opened in 2012 and features the iconic glass staircase in addition to the world’s longest Genius Bar. It is housed in the Hirsch building in Amsterdam’s top entertainment district.

Puerta del Sol, Madrid, Spain


Opened in 2014, this Apple store in Spain pays tribute to Spanish history by constructing this store within a 14th century site. Apple took the building (originally occupied by a jumble of storefronts) and created a cohesive design that cost thousands of dollars in renovation. Oddly enough, workers found historical remnants in the basement of this building during renovation, halting construction for some time.

Who knew that Apple had so many beautiful and worldly locations!

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