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10 Best VPNs for iPhone and iPad

VPNs for iPhone
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AVPN is a great investment for any iPhone owner, but especially for those who care about their browsing data and want to keep it their own; so we’ve gone ahead and ranked the 10 best VPNs for iPhone and iPad.

10 Best VPNs for iPhone and iPad


1 VPN Unlimited

Best VPNs for iPhone

Rated “Top VPN” in 2016 by PC Magazine, VPN Unlimited provides a host of features designed to protect your online browsing activity, which can be implemented on almost any device that connects to the internet. For just $49 — or a mere 90% of its $499 MSRP — VPN Unlimited is your “one-stop-shop” for protecting your Wi-Fi and Cellular/LTE connections from being tracked. This is a one time payment covering a lifetime subscription. You’ll enjoy unlimited bandwidth, a super-fast connection, and access to full encryption through over 1,000 servers around the world.

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2 Infinity VPN

InfinityVPN slogan, “Unleash the True Power of the Internet on All Your Devices with this High-Speed VPN” promises a lot.  Fortunately, it comes through on its promises.   InfinityVPN is essentially the same product as VPN Unlimited with one significant difference; it provides users the ability to connect up to 10 devices versus only 5 with the basic VPN Unlimited service.  Both services are unlimited and have over 50+ locations in 39 different countries.  Get almost 90% off MSRP at $499 for a lifetime subscription.

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3 ExpressVPN

Best VPNs for iPhone

Join ExpressVPN, one of the leading providers in internet security. With access to over 1,000 highly-encrypted servers in 136 locations, you’ll never have to worry about your internet activity falling into the wrong hands. For less than $7 a month, you’ll also gain access to a generous selection of free apps, which can be utilized on up to three of your devices connected over the ExpressVPN network.

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4 Ivacy VPN

Enjoy P2P file-sharing with complete anonymity and fast speeds with Ivacy VPN.  With a lifetime subscription, you can simply order & forget.  With a solid four star rating and over 150+ reviews; this highly reviewed VPN can connect to over 200+ servers in 100+ locations in over 50 countries.  This dedicated VPN tool includes an add-on specifically for Kodi.  The ability to overcome ISP speed throttling & port blocking along with the ability to login to five devices at once.

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5 NordVPN


If you prefer to access the internet from a wider-range of devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or otherwise, then NordVPN is one of the most reputable offerings in the VPN space – winning PC Mag Editor’s Choice. NordVPN boasts a user-friendly interface with access to super-fast speeds on over 3500+ servers in 60+ countries. While most VPN providers tend to offer users a one-size-fits-all package, NordVPN gives you the freedom to pick and choose your services from a vast pool of options.

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6 Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield1

Lauded as “the best VPN for browsing online privately,” Hotspot Shield offers by far the most comprehensive availability of constant connections. With over 2,000 servers across just 20 countries, you’ll always be connected and protected with a Hotspot Shield VPN. You’ll also score one of the best VPNs for one of the lowest prices in the industry: as low of just $0.01 per month with an unlimited lifetime subscription.

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7 VPNSecure

Best VPNs for iPhone

Protect your personal data from falling into the wrong hands with a lifetime subscription to VPNSecure for just $39 — a savings of over 91% off the $450 MSRP. Equip your device with an impenetrable “security vest,” allowing you to browse the web 100% at your discretion without worrying about anyone watching your every move. Hide your location, IP address, and browse the web from all around the world, because VPNSecure features the ability to bypass geolocation locks, allowing you to download restricted content from as many as five of your internet-connected devices.

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8 PureVPN

Best VPNs for iPhone

Trusted by over a million users, PureVPN is a premier choice when it comes to protecting your personal data and internet activity from being exposed. For just $1.91/month you’ll gain access to one of the most robust and widely-available VPN networks in the world, boasting 550+ servers in 141+ countries. PC Magazine lauds PureVPN for offering solid performance and a great mix of features — “Just enough features to stand out from the rest of the VPN service crowd.”

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9 Disconnect VPN

Disconnect Vpn

Disconnect is giving users a chance to save 90% off the MSRP price of their lifetime VPN subscription for only $49.99.  It includes all updates, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited speed.  This license is good for up to three devices per customer.

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10 TigerVPN

TigerVPN is the perfect solution for those who are just getting started in the VPN space. If this is your first time purchasing a VPN subscription, you’ll be in safe hands with TigerVPN, which offers access to a surprisingly fast, proprietary network of 300+ servers. You’ll only be able to connect to the TigerVPN network via two devices, and while the TigerVPN interface lacks advanced configuration options, it’s affordable at only $39 for a lifetime subscription.

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