3 Unannounced iPhone X Features

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We’re a little under two weeks from the official launch of Apple’s revolutionary iPhone X. And while we already know quite a bit about the device, it still has a few pleasant surprises in store for us.

The iPhone X marks the debut of Apple’s new Face ID authentication technology, which is based on its new TrueDepth Camera. The high-tech platform, which is two and a half years ahead of its competition, relies on a suite of 3D and infrared sensors and apparatuses that can accurately scan and analyze a face. It’s spoof-proof and much more secure than Touch ID.

Face ID allows for advanced, secure and quick biometric access for unlocking your device and authenticating Apple Pay purchases. On the fun side, it also powers Apple’s new animated Animoji feature. But beyond its previously announced abilities, the tech also adds some subtle but no less innovative features.

1 Notification Screening

Face ID will help keep your messages and notifications private. For example, when a notification pops up on your device, the iPhone X will scan the face looking at it.

If that face belongs to the owner, it’ll display the full contents of the notification or message. If it’s someone else, it’ll just display the source of the notification.

2 Automatic Screen Brightness

Apple’s new camera will also be able to tell if you are currently looking at your device. That means it’ll automatically know if you’re reading an article, and it’ll keep the screen lit for as long as you’re doing so. No more tapping on the display to keep your screen bright.

3 Smart Volume Adjustments

Similar to keeping a screen lit, the iPhone X will also adjust the volume of ringers and alarms when you’re looking at the device. There’s no reason for the alarm to go off at full volume if you are holding looking at your screen.

When Can I Get an iPhone X?

The iPhone X, which starts at $999, will become available for pre-order this Friday, Oct. 27. It’ll hit store shelves and begin shipping out to consumers the following Friday, Nov. 3. Of course, due to high demand and fairly low supply, it’ll be hard to get your hands on one until next year.

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