iOS 18 Will Tell You the Time Even When the Battery is Dead

ios18 dead battery Credit: ant_t99 / Reddit
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An iPhone 11 or later running at least iOS 15 with the Find My feature turned on can be located via the Find My app for up to 24 hours after the iPhone is manually powered down. Similarly, all iPhone models beginning with the 2018 iPhone XR running iOS 12 or later have a Power Reserve mode.

Power Reserve mode allows some Wallet cards, passes, and keys to continue working for about five hours after the iPhone has run out of battery power. An iPhone 11 or later will also remain findable during that time.

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Apple has apparently added an additional useful feature to take advantage of this in iOS 18. As discovered by a Reddit user and confirmed by our team, it appears that iPhones running iOS 18 will also display the time when the battery has run out, at least for the five-hour duration of the Power Reserve mode. The feature may be limited to newer iPhones, but we can’t say for certain yet. Previously, only the Apple Watch displayed the time in Power Reserve mode. This minor improvement is a welcome addition.

Customizable Battery Charging Limits

Also new to iOS 18 is a feature that allows the user to set a specific battery charging limit. This will allow the user to adjust their charging based on their specific needs for the day. The feature lets users choose to cap charging at 80%, 85%, 90%, or 95% and is easily managed via the Settings app under Battery.

Unfortunately, it’s currently limited to iPhone 15 users. We’re hoping it will come to more models by the time iOS 18 launches publicly, but we’re not optimistic since it seems to be an extension of the 80% Limit introduced in iOS 17, which remains exclusive to the iPhone 15.

iOS 18 will allow the user to override Optimized Battery Charging based on specific needs. In addition, iOS 18 will make personalized charging limit recommendations based on usage and charging patterns. Combined, these features aim to both meet the user’s needs and prolong battery life.

iOS 18’s new suite of advanced battery management features should both improve the user experience and extend battery life. Beyond that adaptive charging feature that prevents overcharging, users will receive real-time insights and personalized recommendations based on intelligent monitoring to maintain optimal battery health. Hopefully, all of these useful new features aren’t limited to the newest iPhones. If they are, it’s yet another reason to consider an upgrade in time for iOS 18.

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