Apple Unexpectedly Dropped Another New Batch of iOS 12 Betas

Ios 12 Credit: CNET
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Apple on Wednesday unexpectedly released iOS 12 developer beta 10 and public beta 8, just two days after seeding the last batch of beta versions.

Even before today’s release, the pace of beta versions suggests that we are nearing the end of iOS 12’s testing cycle. The simultaneous release of both the developer and public betas today just solidifies the fact that we’re probably nearing the release of the iOS 12 Golden Master.

It’s worth noting that iOS 12 developer beta 10 and iOS 12 public beta 8 are the same beta build. The discrepancy in numbers was the result of a buggy beta 7 that was pulled before a public version could be released.

The new batch of betas should be available as an over-the-air update on devices with the proper certificate installed.

Fixed Issues in iOS 12

The last few iOS 12 betas have been relatively minor and focused on performance improvements and bug fixes — and iOS 12 developer beta 10 is no different.

Comparing the release notes for iOS 12 beta 10 and iOS 12 beta 9, it seems like there isn’t too much that has changed.

There seems to be some fixes for issues plaguing Wallet and Apple Pay, as well as a new workaround for a bug that causes Maps to not display traffic data. (Users can reportedly now tap the “i” and turn Traffic On.)

There are likely other bug fixes and under-the-hood changes that Apple did not detail in the release notes. But still, this is thoroughly a small update.

Remaining Issues in iOS 12

As far as new issues, there only seems to be one mentioned in the release notes. Apple says that certain Siri-related button text may not be localized when using an Add Voice Shortcut Button.

Furthermore, some of the known issues from the iOS 12 developer beta 9 release are still present — including issues with adding users to HomeKit and unexpectedly dropped calls when using Wi-Fi calling on T-Mobile.

iOS 12 is a major update to Apple’s mobile operating system and adds a slew of new features, from customizable animated Memoji characters to smart workflows via a new Siri Shortcuts app.

It will be available as a free over-the-air update for all compatible devices sometime next month.

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