Apple Has Finally Fixed the Miserable Bagel Emoji in iOS 12.1

Ios 12 New Bagel Emoji Credit: Twitter / Jeremy Burge
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New emoji characters are developed and approved by the Unicode Consortium, but individual technology firms like Apple and Google get to throw their own spin on the new characters, sometimes to disastrous results.

If the latest bagel controversy is any indication, people really care about how their emojis look.

Well, Apple has heard those complaints and is now fixing the situation.

The Cupertino tech giant is reportedly revising its bagel emoji to appease lovers of the breakfast staple across the globe (and particularly in New York City).

To be fair, the old bagel emoji (which was never actually released in a public software update) looked a bit like a mass-produced, store-bought product. According to complaints, it also suffered from a lack of cream cheese or any discernible toppings.

It wasn’t just consumers that jumped on the chance to express their displeasure at the bagel. Philadelphia, the cream cheese maker, tweeted that a bagel without the signature topping is a “#SadBagel.”

The new bagel emoji, set to be introduced in the next update to iOS 12, looks much more like a fresh, hand-rolled bagel. As you might expect, it also seems to feature a healthy spread of cream cheese.

Jeremy Burge of Emojipedia first spotted the change. And as he pointed out, the new 3D bagel character is actually extremely detailed — almost a bit photorealistic.

This, of course, isn’t the first that a poorly designed emoji has sparked backlash. Last year, Google faced an outcry over its suspect cheeseburger emoji — which it, like Apple, promptly fixed.

The new bagel emoji is set to launch alongside 70 other new characters in iOS 12.1, which is the first major point update to Apple’s iOS 12 operating system. iOS 12.1 will also reintroduce Group FaceTime, and adds real-time Depth Control and eSIM functionality to the iPhone XS and XS Max.

iOS 12.1 is currently on its fourth beta, which could suggest a general release sometime this month or next.


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