Video Tutorial: 5 Things You’re Doing Wrong on Your iPhone

Video Tutorial: 5 Things You're Doing Wrong on Your iPhone
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Many of us have used an iPhone exclusively from the day it launched back in 2007, and we’ve learned most of the ins and outs of the device. However, whether you are a long time user or a new convert, chances are you’re still doing a few things wrong.

The price of smartphones has continued to rise over the years, so it’s no surprise we protect our iPhones as if they were our own children. In fact, I don’t think I would even dress my own kid in anything as bulky as some of the iPhone cases I’ve seen. It’s overkill in my opinion, but it goes to show what extremes we go to simply to keep our iPhones from suffering even the slightest damage.

However, many iPhone users still use their device in ways that are horrible for its health and longevity. In this video we run through 5 things you may be doing wrong on your iPhone.

These tips will help you protect parts of your iPhone which normally don’t get considered such as your battery and other internal components. For a few additional tips, check out the original article we published on the topic.

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