Video Review: Top 3 Best Third-Party Keyboards for Your iPhone

Top 3 Best Third-Party Keyboards for Your iPhone
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The default keyboard on the iPhone is still relied upon by a majority of users. It is quite good, but many users have never considered whether they could be doing more with their keyboard.

It was inevitable, once Apple opened the floodgates that tons of third-party keyboard apps would show up. Just like in any app category there is a seemingly endless number of third-party keyboard apps to sift through but there are a few that stand out.

In this video, we’ll take a look at a few of the best third-party keyboards available for the iPhone.

1. Word Flow

Word Flow is a new keyboard from Microsoft, who has been releasing some great iPhone apps lately. This keyboard is packed with everything you would expect from a great third-party keyboard app, but the standout feature in Word Flow is easily one-handed support. The keyboard has a setting, which makes it extremely easy to type one handed. This comes in handy, especially on the larger iPhone 6/6s Plus models.

2. Copied

Copied is a clipboard management app with its own third-party keyboard. I’ve found this app to be one of the most useful keyboards available. Any text you have copied to the clipboard is available in the keyboard to quickly paste anywhere you can enter text.

3. GBoard

GBoard is the newest third-party keyboard in the bunch. It’s from Google and is designed to cut back on the amount of app switching needed to look up information.

The highlight feature of this keyboard is native Google Search integration. Tapping the Google logo on the keyboard brings up a search interface and displays vital Google search results.

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