Top 5 iPhone Features Hidden in iOS 10

Top 5 iPhone Features Hidden in iOS 10
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Apple’s most recent software update for iPhone, iOS 10, comes packed with a ton of new features. With that said, I’d even bet there are a few you’ve never heard of. In the video below, we’ll walk you through some of the greatest hidden features in iOS 10.

1. Allow Selected Contacts to Bypass ‘Do Not Disturb’

Do Not Disturb is a great feature to use any time you don’t want to be interrupted by your iPhone. However, there may be someone in particular you don’t want to cut yourself off from. For example, my wife isn’t the biggest fan of not being able to get in touch with me. In iOS 10, Apple added a new feature that is perfect for this scenario. Watch the video provided for more information.

2. Turn Your iPhone’s Camera into a Virtual Magnifying Glass

There are plenty of iPhone users with poor eyesight who appreciate the zoom feature that makes icons, text, and everything else a little bit bigger. But what about when you need to zoom into an object in the real world? In iOS 10, Apple has added a new accessibility feature called Magnifier that allows iPhone users to use their iPhone camera to magnify an object quite a bit more than the Camera app, and it’s easier to access too. Watch the video provided for more information.

3. Limit What Can Be Seen on Your iPhone’s Lock Screen

The ‘Raise to Wake’ feature in iOS 10 is an excellent way to get a quick glance at notifications and other information, but it does raise a privacy issue. This feature enables people to view activity on your lock screen without even the slightest press of a button. For example, by default someone could lift up your iPhone, see a message, and reply to it all without unlocking your phone. If you’re worried about privacy, Apple has baked into iOS 10 the ability to control what information shows up on your Lock Screen and what interactions you can perform. Watch the video provided for more information.

4. Edit Live Photos

Live Photos have still not really taken off, but they have been improved substantially in iOS 10. The biggest change is the ability to edit Live Photos. When they were released, even the smallest edit would convert the Live Photo back to a still image. Now, you can go crazy editing a Live Photo and it will remain a Live Photo. Watch the video provided for more information.

5. Quick Action Widgets

It’s easy to miss, but 3D Touch is more prevalent than ever in iOS 10. Many speculated Apple would ignore the feature after its lackluster release, but Apple seems determined to stick with it. Like in prior versions of iOS, deep pressing on an app icon on the home screen brings up Quick Actions. In iOS 10, apps can now include their very own widget, making them much more useful at a glance. Watch the video provided for more information.

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