Top 5 Hidden iOS 9 Features

Top 5 Hidden iOS 9 Features

iOS 9 has a lot of cool features that we at iDrop News are very excited about. Most people know about the new multi-tasking options, drawing in notes, and Live Photos, but there are a few hidden gems in iOS 9 that are not so apparent to the average iOS user.

iOS 9

But don’t worry, here we review some iOS 9 features that you may not have heard about, but will greatly improve your iDevice experience.

Attach Anything


We all know that attaching and writing emails on a tablet or cell phone can be less than desirable. iOS 9 makes sending emails way less awful!

There is a new feature that greatly improves file attachments. With old iOS updates, users were only allowed to attach photos or videos to their emails. Now with the new update, you can attach anything! With a long press in the body of the message you can attach any file saved in your iCloud Drive. You can also save attachments by pressing on the file until the share sheet pops up with the option of saving the attachment. You can now also save to iCloud or other locations such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Now, composing emails on the go just got that much easier!

Picture in Picture


Picture in Picture is a great way to multi-task on your iPad Air, mini 2, or later. If you need to get some work done, but also want to have your favorite show playing in the background, this feature will allow you to do both. After you update to iOS 9, you will notice that there is a small icon the bottom-right corner of a video.

The icon looks like a rectangle with an arrow point to a smaller rectangle. This is what you use to minimize a video. After you tap on the icon there will some animation as well as the video popping out its place. Just a reminder you cannot close the Safari tab where the video is streaming from. You can move the picture around and resize it so it doesn’t block the email you are trying to write and it will always remain in the top window.

Proactive Search

ios9hidden4 Proactive search has been highlighted in iOS 9 as having a more useful Siri who can remind you of important events and reminders. However, this proactive search goes much farther than just that.

You can now use your iPhone as an extremely helpful and proactive assistant for your personal and professional life with the new iOS 9 update. The search bar now has more options than ever and can drag up results from Mail such as documents and contacts. All you need to do is enter in keywords and it will pull information from documents and contacts. You also have the ability to do math and calculation in the search bar as well. Just slide your finger down and to the right to reveal your search bar and type in the equation you want to solve. No calculator app required!

Draw Directly on an Image


We know that Apple has added a lot of drawing features to the Notes Section, but they have also made it possible to draw on images as well. Apple has added a Snapchat-like feature to iOS 9 that allows you to mark up something specific in a photo. All you need to do is attach the image, press down on it, and select “markup”.

This will bring a screen that allows you to draw, add text, magnify something, or add a signature. This is great for being silly, making edits to a picture before sending, or even editing important details for work.


Public Transportation Direction in Apple Maps

ios9hidden6If you are someone who relies on public transit to get around, you are going to love this new update. iOS 9 now has a new feature in their Apple Maps; Finally you can look up public transportation directions!

The one caveat is this only works in larger cities, so if you live in a smaller city you still have to wait for your city’s inclusion.

These directions include walking between various transit options as well as schedules. Once you open up Apple Maps, select direction. Once you are there you will see that there is a choice for transit directions that show you how to get somewhere via bus, trolley, train, etc. It’s easier than ever to get to where you need to go with iOS 9.

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