This Advanced Tweak Will Animate Your iPhone’s Icons

This Advanced Tweak Will Animate Your iPhone's Icons
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If for whatever reason the default, inanimate nature of Apple’s iOS icons on your home screen is getting stale and boring, then perhaps it’s time to liven things up a bit? You know, add some spice to your iOS experience by animating those otherwise stagnant little tiles on your home screen.

There is, of course, the clock icon — which moves akin to the hands of the watch on your wrist, or the clock on your wall. However, on the whole, Apple has shied away from incorporating animated icons on the company’s iOS devices, probably because they’d only be a weight on battery performance — which is already a critical issue for most iPhone users.

However, if you’re feeling feisty and wanting to make a change in your mobile life — and are willing to take the associated risks with a grain of salt — then there is a new way you can bring those little square tiles to life, right now! Unfortunately (or fortunately?) depending on how much of a dare devil you really are, the trick requires your iOS device to be jailbroken in order to install the required packages (which is not something we recommend, but the choice is up to you).

Known to the jailbreak community as Fingal, the new tweak falls into the same niche as it’s former brother, Motion — both of which bring your home screen icons to life with indiscreet, but nevertheless, super sweet, animations.

Fingal comes to you standard with a few cool icon animations, thanks to ModMyi’s ShakeIt pack — a spinning radar for the “Find My iPhone” app, for instance; a moving vehicle ornamenting the “Maps” icon; and a spinning gear in place of the standard “Settings” app icon.

It’s nice to have a few options to liven up your home screen, don’t you think? Just be aware of the risks involved in jailbreaking your device, even though the process itself is relatively simple.

To install Fingal on your jailbroken iOS device, the package can be downloaded directly from ModMyi via the Cydia repo. To find more information on jailbreaking, click here.

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