New to Mac? Here Are 50+ Keyboard Shortcuts You’ll Want to Know!

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Are you new to Mac? Is this your first time trying the so-called Apple ecosystem? If so, welcome. It’s a wonderful world, but it can be a confusing one, especially if you’re used to other operating systems.

Take me for example. I’m no stranger to macOS, but after a lot of time using Windows computers, I found myself struggling while trying to figure out how to use my MacBook properly.

And the thing I missed the most about Windows was the keyboard shortcuts. They’re extremely handy if you know them.

Fortunately, you also have shortcuts with Mac computers. They’re similar to the ones on Windows, but you need to adjust a little bit.

So here are the most frequent keyboard shortcuts you’ll need in your mac and their Windows equivalent.

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts for Text

Keyboard ShortcutFunctionWindows Equivalent
Command + XCutControl + X
Command + CCopyControl + C
Command + VPasteControl + V
Command + PPrintControl + P
Command + ASelect all the textControl + A
Command + Z UndoControl + Z
Command + Shift + Z RedoControl + Y
Command + SSaveControl + S
Command + OOpen fileControl + O
Option + DeleteDeletes a word to the left of the cursorControl + Backspace
fn + DeleteDeletes a letter to the right of the cursor Delete
fn + Option + DeleteDeletes a word to the right of the cursor Control + Delete
Option + Right ArrowMoves the cursor one word to the rightControl + Right Arrow
Option + Left ArrowMoves the cursor one word to the leftControl + Left Arrow
Option + Shift + Right ArrowSelects one word to the right Control + Shift + Right Arrow
Option + Shift + Left ArrowSelects one word to the LeftControl + Shift + Left Arrow
Command + Shift + Right ArrowSelects a whole line from the cursor to the rightControl + Shift + End
Command + Shift + Left ArrowSelects a whole line from the cursor to the leftControl + Shift + Home
Command + Shift + Up Arrow / fn + Shift + Up ArrowSelects a whole section from the cursor up Control + Shift + Up Arrow
Command + Shift + Down Arrow / fn + Shift + Down ArrowSelects a whole section from the cursor down Control + Shift + Down Arrow

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts for Web Browsing

Keyboard ShortcutFunctionWindows Equivalent
Command + T Open a new TabControl + T
Command + WClose a TabControl + W
Command + Shift + TReopen a closed TabControl + Alt + T
Command + D New BookmarkControl + D
Command + “{” keyGo backwardsBackspace
Command + “}”Go forward
Control + Tab KeySwitch Between TabsControl + Tab Key
Control + F / Control + GSearch a word in a pageControl + F / Control + G
Command + RRefresh a pageControl + R
Command + BSearch your bookmarksControl + B
Command + Shift + HOpen your browser historyControl + H
Command + JOpen your download historyControl + J
Command + LSelects the URL address bar F6
Command + NOpens a new browser windowControl + N
fn + Down Arrow / SpacebarGoes farther down in a pagePgDn
fn + Up ArrowGoes farther up in a pagePgUp
Command + Down Arrow Goes to the bottom of a pageEnd
Command + Up ArrowGoes to the beginning of a pageHome
Command + “+” keyZooms in a pageControl + “+” Key
Command + “-” keyZooms out of a pageControl + “-” Key

Other Useful Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard ShortcutFunctionWindows Equivalent
Command + Shift + 3Takes screenshotPrtscn key
Command + Shift + 5Takes a screenshot to a selected part on the screen
Command + Tab Switches between open applicationsAlt + Tab
F4Shows you all your applicationsWindows Key
F3 / Control + Up arrowShows you all your open applicationsWindows key + Tab
Command + Space Bar Opens Spotlight Search to search for any application or document in your MacWindows key + Search Bar
Command + MMinimizes your current application
Command + QCloses the selected applicationAlt + F4
Command + HTakes you to your desktopControl + D
Control + Command + QLocks screenWindows + L
Shift + Command + QLogs you out of your current session
Command + Option + Esc KeyForce Quit ApplicationsControl + alt + Delete

It seems like there’s a lot of them, but with practice, you’ll learn to use them to your advantage.

Of course, these are not all the keyboard shortcuts available. However, I think these are the ones you’ll use the most.

Share your commonly used keyboard shortcuts in the comments and on social media!

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