How to Use Spotify’s New Lyrics Search Feature on iOS

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Spotify quietly updated its suite of apps with an exciting new feature that lets you find a song by its lyrics. This new “search for lyrics” option is available in the company’s iOS, Android, and desktop apps. Now when you get a lyric stuck in your head, you can find the entire song with a simple search. Continue reading to learn how to search for lyrics on the Spotify app using your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Search Lyrics on iPhone and iPad

Spotify released this new feature with little to no fanfare, so you probably didn’t know it even existed. Using lyric search really is as simple as launching a search and typing in the lyrics.

  • Open the Spotify app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Click Search on the bottom toolbar to open the search interface.
  • Type in the lyrics.
  • Hit enter to view the results.

Spotify will list results and tag them with “Lyrics Match.” The lyric matched search results may be intermingled with playlists and album names. You can refine the results scroll down, and select “See all songs.” Searching within the songs will remove any playlists or albums names that match the lyrics for which you are searching.

Search Lyrics on Mac

Spotify on the Mac also supports searching by lyrics, but how it presents the results are slightly different than the iPhone or iPad. You’ll need to download the Spotify app from Spotify’s website and install it if you don’t have it yet on your computer.

  • Open the Spotify app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Type your lyrics into the search field at the top of the screen.
  • Hit enter to see the results.

Don’t be discouraged when you first start typing in your lyrics. As you type the lyrics, the search results will change and become more refined.

Good But Not Perfect

Spotify’s lyric search is useful when you know a snippet of the lyrics but not its title. It may be the only way to find that oddball song whose name doesn’t match the refrain or any part of the lyrics. Lyric search does have its limitations, though. It would be best if you had the lyrics as correct as possible. If you can’t figure out a word or words that the band is singing, Spotify may not be able to make an accurate guess. Likewise, if you are not pulling up any accurate results, you may have to visit Google and do a lyric search. Who knows… you may have been singing the song incorrectly all this time.

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