How to Turn Your iPhone into a Black Light


Germs, germs, germs — they’re everywhere nowadays!

You simply can’t touch anything, especially objects in a public setting —like toilets or handrails, for example — without being exposed to some degree and extent of germs. That being said, wouldn’t it be nice if we could somehow detect them on our own?

We’ve discovered a cool and easy way to transform your iPhone flash into a black light, not only for detecting germs and other undetectable anomalies, but even just to add a sweet Black Light filter for your iPhone photography pleasure and amusement.

Step One

You’ll need to obtain three things — a roll of scotch tape, two Sharpie markers (blue and purple), as well as your iPhone.

Step Two

iDrop_iPhoneBlackLight_03Place a small piece of scotch tape over the flash bulb on the back of your iPhone, ensuring that you fully cover the bulb and the area surrounding it on all sides. With the Blue Sharpie marker, carefully color over the flash bulb.

Step Three

Repeat Step Two by applying another piece of tape directly over the existing, blue colored piece. Color the second piece blue as well. Once you have two layers of blue, add another (third) piece of tape, and then color that with the purple Sharpie. Seal the deal with another (fourth) piece of tape.

Once your iPhone is ready to go, turn off the lights in the room and take a photo of whatever object or surface you want to examine, ensuring that the flash is activated when you take the photo.
iDrop_iPhoneBlackLight_04And Voila! There you have it! You can now roam freely about the room and examine just about anything. The blue and purple hued markers emulate a fluorescent, UV light overtone, effectively enhancing what would’ve otherwise been just a simple white light.

While you have your Sharpies out of the drawer, see if you’re up for the Sharpie Shock Challenge.

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