How to Save Hundreds Each Year on Ridesharing Services

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Company rivalries exist in every industry: Apple vs. Samsung, Verizon vs. AT&T, Walmart vs. Target and so many more. Popular ridesharing services Lyft and Uber are no exception.

Good thing for consumers, competing companies offer competing prices, and so comparing the prices of their goods or services will save us money.

We all know we should shop around for the best deal. But do we?

In fact, our research shows only 20% of iPhone users compare ridesharing services before booking their ride. But this simple trick could help you save hundreds of dollars each year.

Compare Quotes to Save Money

  • When requesting a ride, keep in mind that factors like the time of day, number of drivers available, density of traffic, and distance traveled will all affect pricing.
  • Both Uber and Lyft will quote you two different prices. One will almost always be cheaper.
  • If you have both Uber and Lyft in your area, you can save money by signing up for both!
  • Just compare pricing, determine which service is more affordable, then choose that ride. It only takes seconds to check both, so what do you have to lose?

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For those who ride just a few times a year, this might only save you a few dollars. You’ll have to decide if convenience is more important to you than saving money. But for users who use ridesharing on a more frequent basis, the more you ride the more you can save.

Not everyone will like this solution. If you have reservations about one particular company, don’t care about price, or just don’t use ridesharing services very often, you may not be interested in comparing prices. If that’s the case, then just stick with your normal routine.

Let’s take a look at how each service compares to better understand the differences, pros and cons, and history.

Uber vs. Lyft

Uber and Lyft may be similar services, but there are some differences that might influence your choice.

  • They’re both priced competitively, but Lyft seems to be cheaper during peak times.
  • Both companies offer an excellent app, support for Siri and Amazon Echo, and even Apple Watch.
  • Both offer many payment options including Apple Pay.
  • Both apps use similar dynamic pricing models to determine rates.

Keep reading to learn more about each company to find out which service is right for you.

Uber App

Uber provided over 5 billion rides in 2017 and is available in over 600 cities.

It was founded in 2009 as UberCab and rebranded as simply “Uber” in 2011.

In addition to ridesharing, Uber has many other vehicle-related services; including Uber Eats, which lets customers order food from local restaurants.

Uber Ridesharing Options

  • Uber has more options than Lyft when it comes to vehicle quality.
  • UberX is the lowest cost single-rider option.
  • Users can also carpool with UberPOOL for an even lower rate.
  • UberXL is a larger vehicle option, mid-range vehicles with up to 6 seats.
  • UberSELECT is a luxury car option.
  • Uber also offers UberBLACK and UberSUV. These are higher-end luxury vehicles and are only black.
  • UberSUV is the most expensive option.

Quality of Service

Uber is intended to be a more professional service than Lyft. So riders can expect less conversation. Of course, this isn’t always the case and may vary from driver to driver.

While Uber may the more traditional service of the two. It has a long way to go in earning customers’ trust.

In fact, Uber received an “F” from the Better Business Bureau in 2014.


Drivers have been criticized for using the app while driving. And in 2016, Uber suffered a major data breach that wasn’t reported until months later.

There have been multiple reports of sexual misconduct from both drivers and passengers.

In March of 2018, they refused a drive to a woman with cerebral palsy. And furthermore, Uber is one of multiple organizations that use offshore accounts to lower their taxes.


Despite all of this, Uber’s new CEO issued an apology an promised the company is “working hard” to earn back customers’ trust.

Uber’s current rating on the App Store is 4.7 of 5 and Uber received a 4.9 of 5 on Google Surveys.

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Lyft was the newcomer to ridesharing in 2012; however, both companies’ histories start in 2007. Lyft reportedly offers over 1 million rides each day and also offers scheduled rides up to seven days in advance.

Ridesharing Options

Lyft offers five general ride options: Lyft, Plus, Premier, Lux, and Lux SUV.

  • Lyft is the cheapest option, with Plus offering two extra seats.
  • Premier is a high-end vehicle.
  • Lux is an ultra high-end black car.
  • Lux SUV is a ultra high-end black car offering two extra seats. In some areas you can request a vehicle with a ski rack.
  • Lyft’s carpooling option, Lyft Line, is also available in select areas. This is the cheapest option in areas where it’s offered.

Quality of Service

Unlike Uber, Lyft seems to be geared toward a more friendly ridesharing experience. They encourage passengers to sit in the front seat and sometimes feature pink mustaches on the front of their cars. Drivers are likely to be more social; but, this of course depends on the driver.

Uber isn’t graded by the Better Business Bureau, but their website says that 9 out of 10 rides are rated five stars.


While Lyft hasn’t been in the spotlight as much as Uber, it recently made headlines for a customer being kicked out of the car. A pilot named Darryl hailed a ride to LAX to catch a flight. One driver cancelled on him and the other started driving him, but pulled over in a parking lot and asked him to get out. The driver claimed he was only going to make $6.00 on the ride and it wasn’t worth his time.

In 2007, Lyft paid out $27 million dollars in a settlement with 100,000 drivers. The lawsuit alleged that Lyft had “shortchanged” its drivers. The drivers that drove the most will receive a higher share of the settlement. Uber settled a similar lawsuit for a whopping $100 million.


Lyft doesn’t currently offer as many options as Uber and their drivers may be a bit more chatty. But they also receive excellent ratings. On the App Store Lyft sports a 4.8 (of 5) and—like Uber— they have a 4.9 on Google Surveys.

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Final Thoughts

  • If you’re looking for a more friendly, sociable ride, you may want to go with Lyft.
  • If you’re looking for more options, Uber is your best bet.
  • Uber’s had some more controversies, but that doesn’t mean Lyft is perfect. You may want to do your research if company politics play an important part in your decision.
  • Both organizations are very similar in price, options, and ratings. If you use both services a lot—and don’t have a preference over one or the other—try checking both apps to find the best price before you make your decision.

Keep in mind, Uber and Lyft aren’t the only ridesharing services either. Some, such as DiDi Chuxing, are country specific. Others, like Wingz, are more limited in coverage.

If you have a favorite ridesharing service, let us know on social media or in the comments below.


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