How to Remove iPhone Scratches with Ordinary Items Found in Your Home

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iPhones are pretty easy to damage. Whether you’re dropping it, scratching it with your keys, or getting it soaked, your smartphone is often at risk.

The iPhone 11 is easy to scratch, despite reports from Apple that the glass is the toughest to date. And so, of course, it’s a good idea to use a case and a screen protector. But if your screen is already scratched up, what are some methods you can try to fix it?

NOTE: We recommend caution while attempting any of these methods. While they can do an excellent job of cleaning an iPhone or buffing out scratches, improperly handling the tools or substances might further damage the hardware.

Toothpaste: As surprising as this might sound, toothpaste is a useful substance for filling in scratches. By applying a nominal amount to the screen, users can slowly rub it with something like a cotton ball. This may help to remove fine scratches. Water or rubbing alcohol can be used to remove the residue of toothpaste.

Car Scratch Removal Cream: Whether you prefer Turtlewax or something else, it’s easy to use this cream with a light cloth to buff some scars and scuffs out. Just use light amounts.

Sandpaper: While it might seem far too gritty to do something useful, reports have claimed sandpaper can remove scratches with a light touch. We don’t recommend trying this, but if you do, use the finest sandpaper possible and a gentle touch to remove scratches. If used improperly, it will only add more scratches to your device.

Magic Erasers: These fantastical cleaning sponges have been recommended to clean an assortment of things, from Sharpie marks on walls to dirt stains. And now they can reportedly remove phone scratches. A damn Magic Eraser applied directly can do quite a bit. That said, it is imperative to use a light touch, lest you further scratch the screen up.

Great Ways to Clean Your iPhone

Baking Soda: If mixed into a proper paste format, users can easily clean a smartphone. Just make sure you use the right mixture of water, baking soda (2 parts baking soda, 1 part water), and lightly apply it.

Baby Powder: Yes, baby powder, when added to water and turned into a paste, is quite powerful for cleaning. Just be careful that you do not accidentally soak the device in it.

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