How To Make Free Ringtones for iPhone

How To Make Free Ringtones for iPhone
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One of the greatest benefits of owning an Apple product is its ease of use. Apple makes it simple to understand the possible actions and abilities of your iPhone. Apple makes it easy to head over to the App Store to purchase a new ringtone. However, most people don’t want to purchase a ringtone.

You bought a great song on iTunes and you’d like to use it as your ringtone, but Apple says you have to buy the song again from the ringtone store! Why pay for something you already paid for?

The truth is, yes Apple does place some annoying restrictions on our devices, which can make it slightly more difficult to achieve certain goals. While it can be more difficult to achieve the goal of a free ringtone on an iPhone, it’s certainly not impossible. Making your own free ringtones for iPhone can be a pain, but iDrop News™ is here to make it easy.

  1. Pick the song you’d like to use as a ringtone: the song must have been purchased from iTunes.
  2. Listen to the song on iTunes and find out which part of the song you’d like to use as your ringtone.
  3. Make sure the part of the song you’d like to use is 30 seconds or less and write down the start time of the portion and the end time. (i.e. 1 minute and 30 seconds to 2 minutes.)
  4. Right click on your chosen song and click “Get Info”
  5. Select the options tab at the top of the menu.
  6. Type in your start time and stop time. Make sure both boxes are checked. Click OK
  7. Listen to the song again; make sure it’s the timing you want!
  8. Right click the song and click “Create AAC Version”. This will create two versions of the song.
  9. Right click the new shortened version of the song. Click “Show in Finder”. This will open another window; you’ll see both version of the song. The one that we just created will be highlighted.
  10. Right click on the highlighted song, click “Get Info”, Find “Names and Extensions”
  11. We now need to make sure the shortened song is saved as the ringtone file type so it can be recognized by your iPhone. Change the end of the music title from “.m4a” to .m4r” Hit enter to save.
  12. Click use .m4r on the popup.
  13. Click and drag the new ringtone to your desktop.
  14. Drag the ringtone from your desktop to iTunes, in the music section.
  15. It will now be loaded to your Tones sections.
  16. Plug your iPhone into your computer.
  17. In iTunes, click on your iPhone summary tab. Select Tones, and check Sync tones.
  18. Click sync
  19. Once your iPhone is finished syncing click settings > sounds > ringtone > and select your new ringtone at the top of the list
  20. Congrats you have created a new ringtone!

Reminder, there is one last step.

  1. Go back to iTunes.
  2. Click on the song you used for making the ringtone.
  3. Right click > Get info > Options > Uncheck the start and stop time boxes. This will make your original song play from start to finish, rather than the 30 second clip you made for your ringtone!
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