How to Get Rid of the Annoying Red Notifications on Your iPhone Apps

Iphone Notification Badges Credit: MikeDotta / Shutterstock
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Your iPhone likely has multiple apps with pesky red notification icons that constantly pressure you to check them and clear them.

Also likely, is that the numbers inside of those red icons keep going up (and up) as you try your best ignore them. This might cause anxiety. So first, let’s keep in mind that your apps are important, but their constant notifications probably aren’t. You’re better off without so many of them.

In the age of notification- and information-overload, users are looking to “Marie Kondo” their iPhones by cleaning up unnecessary data and relieving themselves of the stress that comes with it (and we’re here to help).

Those red icons are actually called “Notification Badges” and there’s an easy way to get rid of them for good. If you’d like to get rid of Notification Badges on one, two, or even all of your apps; here’s how it’s done.

How to Turn off Notification Badges

  1. Unlock your iPhone or iPad and open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down to your list of apps and select the culprit app that you’d like to quit bugging you.
  3. Tap Notifications. Here you’ll be able to fine-tune what kind of notifications the app can send you. You may toggle off notifications entirely, or control where notifications can appear, and more.
  4. Toggle off “Badges” to remove red icon notifications from that app.
  5. Head back to the main Settings page and repeat for these steps for all other apps that you’d like to receive fewer notifications from.

Turning off the Notification Badges feature is a great way to reduce the amount of clutter on your iPhone or iPad’s Home screen.

But keep in mind, for important communication apps like Mail and Messages, it’s probably not a good idea to turn off notifications entirely.

Follow this link to learn more ways to declutter your iPhone for a healthier digital well-being.

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