How to Get macOS Sierra and iOS 10 Now

How to Get macOS Sierra and iOS 10 Now
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This week brought us Apple’s highly anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference, where Apple unveiled a lot of the new advancements coming to Apple products. Two of the big highlights that Apple showcased were iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, both of which bring more functionality, better tools, and a sleeker interface to Apple iPhones and MacBooks, respectively.

So how do you go about testing them to get a sneak peek at some new functionality and features? Read on below.

One option is to sign up ahead of time through Apple’s Beta Software Program page (you will need your Apple ID). This way, you will be notified when the beta versions have been released to the public in July.  Apple will email you once the betas are ready for download, and then you can enjoy them on your devices. However, please note that beta versions are not final versions, and there may still be some flaws, defects, or bugs in them; so download with caution.

Another option to download the beta versions (sooner rather than later) applies if you have a developer account with Apple (available for a $99 subscription per year). Apple released the beta versions to developers on Monday, and they are available for download now on the developer site.

Apple’s beta programs are a great way to get feedback from the community before their product is finalized. They even make it easy to report problems or bugs through the Apple Feedback Assistant app, a default app included in iOS and macOS beta versions. You can also choose to have your device send feedback to Apple directly as well.

Since its beta release, a number of surprising and interesting features have been found in iOS 10. Beyond the immediate storage upgrade (iOS 10 does not take up as much storage as iOS 9), some of the new features include 3D touch options in the control panel, GIF search within iMessage, new keyboard sound, photos markup, filters for Live Photos, and much more.

Two of the biggest advancements in the realm of macOS Sierra will be the debut of Siri for Mac and the ‘Universal Clipboard’ functionality. We anticipate iOS 10 and macOS Sierra will be released at the Apple event in the fall alongside the debut of the iPhone 7.

Have you tried iOS 10 yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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