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How to Erase on iPad Pro Using Just Your Finger

How to Erase on iPad Pro Using Just Your Finger
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Roughly one month into the iPad Pro’s product cycle, and there’s no doubt that the behemoth device has so far been rather successful. Apple’s newest, 12.9-inch tablet has been adopted and acclaimed by artists and illustrators, alike, and while the most in demand accessory for iPad Pro — the Apple Pencil — continues to trickle into the hands of expectant users, we can only assume that the creative juices will only continue to flow.

Unfortunately, however, the Apple Pencil — despite its name — doesn’t feature an eraser on the opposite end, as do stationary pencils and even similar offerings such as Pencil by 53. So if you’ve made a mistake and need to backtrack, the Apple Pencil doesn’t provide anything in the way of a quick fix.

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On the other hand, there exist a few different apps in the app store — such as Savage Interactive’s Procreate, for instance — that allow for the configuration of a few settings so you can use your finger tip as an eraser, instead. Additionally, this trick can be applied to older iPads, as well, though the Apple Pencil will only work on the iPad Pro.

To enable this…

1. Simply launch “Settings” on your iPad

2. Swipe down until you get to the app-specific settings section >

3. Select Procreate and then look for the Apple Pencil preferences.

4. Finally, tap on “Finger Mode,” which will allow you to tell your iPad what to do when the screen is touched with your finger.

By default, the selected option will be to use your specific tool, which essentially implies that your finger will do the same thing as your Apple Pencil when the screen is touched.

5. Now, from that sub-menu, select the option to “Erase Only.”

Your iPad will now be able to recognize your fingertip as an eraser tool as opposed to your Apple Pencil. This opens up entirely new possibilities for correcting drawing and editing mistakes, if and when they occur, so you can work that much faster when illustrating.

The Procreate app also features a dedicated eraser icon, meaning that you can tap it to change the input tool. However, by enabling this tweak, you’re essentially bypassing that extra task and can therefore simply lift the Pencil off the screen and touch with your finger to erase in one clean sweep.

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