How to Edit Your Credit or Debit Card Information in Apple’s iCloud Keychain

How to Edit Your Credit or Debit Card Information in Apple’s iCloud Keychain
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Apple makes it ridiculously easy to buy goods and services online; type in your credit or debit card information once and your iPhone, iPad, or Mac will ask you if you’d like to store this information in your Keychain for later use. And believe me, it would be in your best interest to tap yes considering how well Keychain expedites the checkout process. The next time you land on a checkout page to make a purchase online, Keychain will remember your information, and allow you to “Autofill” all of the text fields, including shipping and billing information.

The hard part comes when you lose your debit or credit card, or you’d like to begin using a different credit card altogether; Keychain will still be inclined to Autofill the fields with your old information. Annoying, right? Well believe me, the faster you remedy the issue, the happier you’ll be in the long run, and it’s really easy to do.

How to Change Credit Card Information in Keychain

1. Open Safari on your Mac.

2. Click Safari on the top menu bar.

3. Click Preferences.

4. Click Autofill.

5. Find Credit Cards and tap Edit…

6. Here you can add or remove your credit and debit cards.

7. Tap done when you’re finished!

Apple’s iCloud Keychain, in conjunction with Autofill, truly makes buying goods and services online a breeze. But why stop at updating your credit card information? You can also ensure that your addresses are up to date by following the same directions above, but rather than tapping the “Edit…” button next to credit cards, tap the edit button next to “Using info from my Contacts card.” Now you will be able to type in your own name, then click on it. From here you’ll be able to edit your shipping addresses, as well as emails, phone numbers, and more.

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