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Here’s One Easy Trick to Clear up Storage Space on Your iPhone

Here's One Easy Trick to Clear up Storage Space on Your iPhone
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Owners of 16GB and 32GB iPhone models frequently run into storage issues. While they always have the option of deleting apps, clearing their histories, and discarding photos and videos, this solution is not ideal and kind of defeats the purpose of the iPhone, which is meant to keep such things just a few taps away from you.

Unfortunately, iOS restricts users from manually clearing junk files, caches, temporary files, and other extraneous bits of data that occupy precious storage space on their smartphones. Thankfully, iPhone Hacks has discovered a method to circumvent this obstacle and get your iPhone to start clearing your junk for you, though it’s sort of clunky.

1. Wait until you start running out of space and then download a large, space-consuming app that’s around 2 gigabytes or so, such as a game. Make sure it’s a free app or game so you don’t waste any money. Here are three large games you can download for free: Need for Speed, Real Racing 3, or Modern Combat 5

2. Given that your phone lacks room for the app, iOS will begin to migrate your photos to iCloud (if you have the option enabled) and clear caches and other temporary files from your iPhone’s memory automatically.

3. Once iOS has cleared up enough space for your big app download, it’s a simple matter of deleting the app and enjoying the extra 1GB-2GB of storage.

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