Video Tutorial: How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone or iPad

Video Tutorial: How to Free Up Storage Space on Your iPhone or iPad
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It’s always frustrating to run out of storage on your iPhone or iPad, especially when there’s something urgent you need to capture. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to take a video of your kid walking for the first time or get stuck with no room to save an important business document just because your device is full. It’s better to save yourself a future headache and go ahead and clear out some space now.

Of course, spending a little extra money for a larger storage option on the front end is always helpful, but many people already have an smaller capacity iPhone or iPad they don’t plan to upgrade any time soon. If you’re in this position, we’re here to help you free up some storage before you end up in a tight situation.

This video will guide you through a few ways you can get back some of your storage space on your iPhone or iPad including a few quick and easy tips along with a more complete option to clear out the most storage possible. Also, check out our article for a few other tips on freeing up some space on your device.

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