Five More Amazing iOS 9 Features You Need to Know

Five More Amazing iOS 9 Tips You Need to Know

iOS 9 will be released later this month. It’s the newest version of Apple’s operating system meant for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This new iOS has some awesome features that make running an iOS device even smoother than before (if you can even imagine that!). Here we review even more of the best new features you need to know when using iOS 9.

Multitaskingios9_part2_2One of the most talked about features on the new iOS 9 would be the ability to multitask. Basically this means that you can see two screens at once on your iOS device. There will now be a split view, an ability to slide web pages over, as well as picture in picture features. For those who are unfamiliar with these terms, picture in picture lets you watch video and TV shows while working in other apps.

This has always been easy to do on a Mac but impossible on an iPad or iPhone. Apple’s new Picture in Picture mode will move the video into the bottom corner of the screen while you continue on with your business in another app. Just press the Home button to let iOS 9 know to shrink the video screen down to a corner of your display.

Improved Batteryios9_part2_3Something all iOS users want is to have their phone battery life last as long as possible. As with each update, there is an improvement to the battery life management on your iOS device. If a user wants to make sure that their battery will last longer than usual; you can switch on the “low power mode” from the setting option.

This mode can help reduce the battery consumption by automatically turning off all background apps. With new ambient light and proximity sensors, your iPhone will know if it is face down on the table and can prevent the screen from turning on, even if you receive a notification. These new upgrades are guaranteed to save you some battery life, which lets you use your iOS device for even longer.

Siri Upgradesios9_part2_4All Apple users are familiar with Apple’s voice assistant app, Siri. With the new iOS 9 upgrade Siri is much smarter and proactive than before. Siri can easily understand time and location based questions such “Call Sarah when I get to School” or “Text Dad at 9am”. Siri will also be able to understand more about personal data and give more accurate results. This means that if you ask Siri to show you an email that you sent last week, she will be able to comply.

You will also get intelligent suggestions from Siri for what apps you might want to use depending on your most commonly used apps. Note, this will be done for you without you even asking. Another awesome upgrade that Siri comes with is knowing more about incoming calls from people who aren’t saved in your phone. Siri will be able to find if the number is saved in your email and inform you if you know that person.

Keyboard Updatesios9_part2_5Apple has made some small changes to the iOS Keyboard, making it easier to text and type than before. When you press the shift key a whole variety of letters will be displayed in Uppercase. In the previous version of iOS it was harder for a user to know whether the shift key was on or off because the letters were always displayed in uppercase.

Also with the new iOS 9, the keyboard has the ability to move around a document with a virtual cursor. Simply tap and hold anywhere on the screen with two fingers and the keys will gray out. From now on, moving the two fingers will move the cursor and automatically select any text between the original point and the new place you moved your cursor to.

Android to iOSios9_part2_6
The new iOS 9 even has something for Android users. If you ever thought about switching to iPhone, now is the time. With the newest operating system it’s even easier to move from Android to iOS with the new iOS 9. Apple has revealed a new app called “Move to iOS” that give users an easy opportunity to move from Android to iOS without any issues.

With this new app you can securely move and transfer all of your important data such as camera photos, bookmarks, email accounts, songs, etc. to your new iPhone or iPad. You can wirelessly switch over to your iOS device will keeping all essential info from your old Android phone.