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How to Find out Who Unfollowed You on Twitter and Instagram

How to Find out Who Unfollowed You on Twitter and Instagram
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Even if you’re not a social media guru or marketer, a loyal following can still be important to you. That’s why it’s always disheartening when you see that follower count drop by one (or more!) — especially when you have no idea who the unfollower(s) is / are.

Luckily, rather than the sketchy Chrome extensions and Facebook add-ons from the early days of social media that claimed to do this, there are tons of professional-level social media management tools available, so you can finally figure out who your unfollowers are.

Here are three of the best and most popular social media management apps.


Formerly known as Unfollowers, Statusbrew is a social media monitoring and engagement tool. Statusbrew lets you keep tabs on your Twitter and Instagram followers, you can finally get to the bottom of the question: “Who unfollowed me?”

As an added bonus, Statusbrew can flag spam accounts so you don’t inadvertently follow them back. Status view is free to use with limited features on a basic plan, and is available on both Android and iOS.


Crowdfire is a social media engagement app that’s available for a variety of platforms — Android and iOS included. It’s well-designed and easy to use, and is one of the more popular social media tools available. Not only can you can see who unfollowed you, but the app offers a ton of insights and features that’ll help you achieve Instagram or Twitter fame.

Crowdfire is free to use with a basic account, with additional and premium features available for a subscription fee.

Friend or Follow

Friend or Follow is an excellent way to see who followed or unfollowed you. Aimed at social media managers and professionals, Friend or Follow starts at $9.99 for personal accounts. Fast and reliable, it also offers its functionality to a wide range of social media — ranging from Twitter and Instagram, and even platforms that other social engagements tools don’t support, like Tumblr.

As a downside, Friend or Follow’s services is only available online via your web browser — the service currently doesn’t offer any mobile apps.

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